My District Today

My District Today is a newsletter sharing information from the coalface and shows with pride what is happening in the districts in terms of government's delivery on its Programme of Action. It offers a platform to celebrate daily events detailing how government and communities are making headway in eradicating poverty and underdevelopment; and highlights areas where acts of service excellence and achievement against many odds are realised.


  • Issue 9 March [PDF] 2 100 kb
    Youth dialogue inspires hope
  • Issue 8 March [PDF] 2 141 kb
    Tackling drug and substance abuse in schools
  • Issue 7 March [PDF] 2 026 kb
    Observing Armed Forces Day
  • Issue 6 March [PDF] 3 000 kb
    Live broadcast at Sol Plaatje University
  • Issue 5 February [PDF] 826 kb 
    Learners apply for smart ID cards
  • Issue 4 February [PDF] 3 000 kb 
    Multi-sectoral information sharing session
  • Issue 3 February [PDF] 3 000 kb 
    Awareness on child abuse and substance abuse
  • Issue 2 February [PDF] 3 200 kb 
    Back-to-School Awareness Programme
  • Issue 1 January [PDF] 2 300 kb 
    Xhariep District celebrates top achievers


  • Issue 46 December [PDF] 4 000 kb 
    World AIDS Day commemoration
  • Issue 45 December [PDF] 3 400 kb 
    Career expo on marine science
  • Issue 44 November [PDF] 1 765 kb 
    Road safety is everyone’s responsibility
  • Issue 43 November [PDF] 3081 kb
    Kuruman hosts Gender-Based Violence dialogue
  • Issue 42 November [PDF] 2 921 kb
    Breast cancer can be beaten
  • Issue 41 November [PDF] 2 290 kb
    Thusong Service Centre outreach targets villagers 
  • Issue 40 October [PDF] 2 000 kb
    Young women tackle violence
  • Issue 39 October [PDF] 3 078 kb
    Government supports farmers
  • Issue 38 October [PDF] 3 005 kb
    Youth Empowerment Fund benefits youth
  • Issue 37 October [PDF] 3 000 kb
    Career Open Day for the deaf
  • Issue 36 September [PDF] 3 020 kb
    Exhibition promotes economic opportunities
  • Issue 35 September [PDF] 2 150 kb
    Women dialogue to tackle violence
  • Issue 34 September [PDF] 2 500 kb
    Agricultural equipment for small-scale farmers
  • Issue 33 September [PDF] 2 950 kb
    Career exhibition empowers learners
  • Issue 32 September [PDF] 3 000 kb
    Government supports local businesses
  • Issue 31 August [PDF] 3 000 kb
    Prayer session against violence
  • Issue 30 August [PDF] 2 000 kb
    Tourism Imbizo targets youth and women
  • Issue 29 August [PDF] 3 000 kb
    Memorial site for mineworkers
  • Issue 28 August [PDF] 2 743 kb
    TB awareness campaign in Makhasa
  • Issue 27 July [PDF] 2 743 kb
    Mandeni youth in agriculture programme 
  • Issue 26 July [PDF] 2 728 kb
    Youth empowerment programme 
  • Issue 25 July [PDF] 2 942 kb
    Minister addresses water and sanitation issues
  • Issue 24 July [PDF] 3 190 kb
    Deputy President engages military veterans
  • Issue 23 July [PDF] 2 046 kb
    Employment advocacy campaign
  • Issue 22 June [PDF] 3 000 kb
    Communication and media training session
  • Issue 21 June [PDF] 2 338 kb
    Honouring families of Marikana mineworkers
  • Issue 20 June [PDF] 3 000 kb
    COVID-19 vaccination awareness
  • Issue 19 June [PDF] 2 671 kb
    Child Protection Week campaign in Endumeni
  • Issue 18 May [PDF] 3 298 kb
    Vaccination awareness campaign  
  • Issue 17 May [PDF] 3551kb
    International Nurses Day commemoration  
  • Issue 16 May [PDF] 2 296 kb 
    Support for flood victims  
  • Issue 15 May [PDF] 2 446 kb
    Minister engages stakeholders in tourism
  • Issue 14 April [PDF] 2 437 kb
    Communication and media training for new councillors
  • Issue 13 April [PDF] 2 130 kb
    Ensuring effective and efficient service delivery
  • Issue 12 April [PDF] 3 000 kb
    Alfred Nzo District advances service delivery
  • Issue 11 April [PDF] 3 320 kb
    Water is a scarce resource
  • Issue 10 April [PDF] 2 920 kb
    National Human Rights Day commemoration
  • Issue 9 March [PDF] 2 400 kb
    Discussion on crime prevention and prosecution
  • Issue 8 March [PDF] 2 028 kb
    Kokosi youth empowered on gender issues
  • Issue 7 March [PDF] 3 090 kb
    Mandeni mobile library launch
  • Issue 6 March [PDF] 3 090 kb
    SoNA discussions at Kumkani FM
  • Issue 5 February [PDF] 4 080 kb
    School receives a hall
  • Issue 4 February [PDF] 5 000 kb
    Programme monitors school functionality
  • Issue 3 February [PDF] 2 000 kb
    Census 2022 awareness campaign in Diepsloot
  • Issue 2 February [PDF] 2 830 kb
    Ensuring safe scholar transport
  • Issue 1 January [PDF] 1 950 kb
    Back to school campaign at Trompsburg


  • Issue 46 December [PDF] 3 090 kb
    Session tackles substance abuse
  • Issue 45 December [PDF] 2 507 kb
    Community awareness on human trafficking
  • Issue 44 November [PDF] 2 850 kb
    Vooma Vaccination Weekend drive in Taung
  • Issue 43 November [PDF] 2 550 kb
    Business information session for youth
  • Issue 42 November [PDF] 2 370 kb
    Campaign for safer holiday season
  • Issue 41 November [PDF] 2 370 kb
    Volunteers receive certificates
  • Issue 40 October [PDF] 2 420 kb
    Government protects everyone’s rights
  • Issue 39 October [PDF] 2 010 kb
    Queendustria Substation launch
  • Issue 38 October [PDF] 3 000 kb
    Women and township economic recovery 
  • Issue 37 October [PDF] 3 270 kb
    Minister monitors vaccination sites
  • Issue 36 October [PDF] 2 270 kb
    Government takes healthcare services to the people
  • Issue 35 September [PDF] 2 433 kb
    Students get vaccinated
  • Issue 34 September [PDF] 2 330 kb
    Frontline service delivery monitoring visit
  • Issue 33 September [PDF] 2 600 kb
    Women empowerment
  • Issue 32 September [PDF] 3 031 kb
    Social cohesion and safe communities
  • Issue 31 August [PDF] 3 000 kb
    Residents vaccinated in Graaff-Reinet
  • Issue 30 August [PDF] 2 400 kb
    Mineworkers vaccination sites in Marikana
  • Issue 29 August [PDF] 2 897 kb
    Economic transformation and job creation
  • Issue 28 August [PDF] 3 002 kb
    Intensifying COVID-19 vaccine awareness
  • Issue 27 July [PDF] 2 832 kb
    Mineworkers get COVID-19 vaccination
  • Issue 26 July [PDF] 2 832 kb
    Community outreach targeting youth
  • Issue 25 July [PDF] 2 559 kb
    Harry Gwala District COVID-19 awareness
  • Issue 24 July [PDF] 2 580 kb
    Oudtshoorn vaccination registration day
  • Issue 23 July [PDF] 3 279 kb
    Fighting violence and bullying in schools
  • Issue 22 June [PDF] 2 807 kb 
    COVID-19 vaccine registration campaign
  • Issue 21 June [PDF] 3 368 kb
    COVID-19 awareness
  • Issue 20 June [PDF] 2 311 kb
    Senior citizens vaccination
  • Issue 19 June [PDF] 3 655 kb
    Senior citizens urged to register for vaccine
  • Issue 18 May [PDF] 3 338  kb 
    COVID-19 vaccination launch
  • Issue 17 May [PDF] 3 130  kb 
    Vaccinating healthcare workers
  • Issue 16 May [PDF] 3 840  kb 
    Government intensifies vaccine roll-out awareness
  • Issue 15 May [PDF] 2 150  kb 
    Improving the lives of military veterans
  • Issue 14 April [PDF] 3 450  kb 
    Cooperative contributes to economic development
  • Issue 13 April [PDF] 3 135  kb 
    Freedom Month official launch 
  • Issue 12 April [PDF] 2 760 kb 
    Community educated about COVID-19 vaccine
  • Issue 11 April [PDF] 3 597 kb 
    Monitoring of school sanitation infrastructure
  • Issue 10 April [PDF] 2 696 kb
    Level 1 regulations awareness campaign
  • Issue 9 March [PDF] 696 kb
    Bulk water supply project launch
  • Issue 8 March [PDF] 3 051 kb
    COVID-19 vaccine arrives in Lejweleputswa
  • Issue 7 March [PDF] 3 662 kb
    Northern Cape honours top learners
  • Issue 6 March [PDF] 4 125 kb
    Donation of school bicycles to learners
  • Issue 5 February [PDF] 2 586 kb
    COVID-19 vaccination programme roll-out
  • Issue 4 February [PDF] 2 996 kb
    Opening of Abram Hlophe Primary School
  • Issue 3 February [PDF] 2 486 kb
    Government educates residents about vaccination
  • Issue 2 February [PDF] 1 652 kb
    Fight against COVID-19 continues
  • Issue 1 January [PDF] 3 000 kb
    Remembering Minister Mthembu


  • Issue 46 December [PDF] 2 780 kb
    COVID-19 awareness activation in Makhanda
  • Issue 45 December [PDF] 871 kb
    War against violence and abuse
  • Issue 44 November [PDF] 1 830 kb
    Dialogue on violence and COVID-19
  • Issue 43 November [PDF] 4 494 kb
    Limpopo men engage on gender-based violence and Femicide (GBVF)
  • Issue 42 November [PDF] 3 130 kb
    Launch of new infrastructure projects
  • Issue 41 November [PDF] 3 480 kb
    Tackling COVID-19 in universities
  • Issue 40 October [PDF] 3 610 kb
    Provincial Taxi Lekgotla
  • Issue 39 October [PDF] 2 420 kb
    Government undertakes monitoring visits
  • Issue 38 October [PDF] 2 320 kb
    Funding for small businesses
  • Issue 37 October [PDF] 2 630 kb
    Knysna Ziplines to boost tourism
  • Issue 36 October [PDF] 2 099 kb
    Information blitz for Grade 12 learners
  • Issue 35 September [PDF] 3 033 kb
    Violence and COVID-19 awareness campaign
  • Issue 34 September [PDF] 2 086 kb
    Awareness on gender-based violence and femicide
  • Issue 33 September [PDF] 2 071 kb
    Closure of isolation site
  • Issue 32 September [PDF] 2 376 kb
    Hospital receives additional COVID-19 resources
  • Issue 31 August [PDF] 2 201 kb
    Vhembe District intensifies COVID-19 awareness
  • Issue 30 August [PDF] 1 965 kb
    Creating opportunities for young people
  • Issue 29 August [PDF] 2 225 kb
    Food garden programme to alleviate poverty
  • Issue 28 August [PDF] 2 105 kb
    Government continues to raise awareness on COVID-19
  • Issue 27 July [PDF] 1 530 kb
    Monitoring visit at Ugu District
  • Issue 26 July [PDF] 1 046 kb
    Buffalo City Metro COVID-19 screening and testing
  • Issue 25 July [PDF] 2 036 kb
    A long road to recovery for an Eastern Cape essential worker
  • Issue 24 July [PDF] 2 310 kb
    Emakhazeni COVID-19 awareness campaign 
  • Issue 23 July [PDF] 2 045 kb
    Nyanga High Schools receive tablets
  • Issue 22 June [PDF] 2 084 kb
    Youth mobilised to get identity cards
  • Issue 21 June [PDF] 1 986 kb
    Small businesses benefit from relief programme
  • Issue 20 June [PDF] 1 990 kb
    Temporary COVID-19 hospital opens
  • Issue 19 June [PDF] 1 930 kb
    Inspecting the Esselen Park COVID-19 quarantine site 
  • Issue 18 May [PDF] 1 924 kb
    Citizens warned against sharing masks
  • Issue 17 May [PDF] 1 032 kb
    COVID-19 community awareness
  • Issue 16 May [PDF] 1904 kb
    COVID-19 screening and testing for inmates 
  • Issue 15 May  [PDF]  1 725 kb
  • Issue 14 May [PDF]  1 265 kb
    Education skills and health
  • Issue 13 April [PDF]  1 450 kb
    North West COVID-19 mass screening and testing
  • Issue 12 April [PDF]  2 004 kb
    Fighting Covid-19
  • Issue 11 April [PDF]  2 004 kb
    Monitoring national roads during lockdown
  • Issue 10 April [PDF] 1 245 kb
    Seeking medical care during lockdown
  • Issue 9 March [PDF] 4 165 kb
    Coronavirus awareness campaign
  • Issue 8 March [PDF] 2 036 kb
    Coronavirus preventative measures
  • Issue 7 March [PDF] 1 433 kb
    Prevent the spread of coronavirus
  • Issue 6 March [PDF] 2 330 kb
    Constitutional awareness activation
  • Issue 5 February [PDF] 2 315 kb
    Cosmo City learners debate on SoNA
  • Issue 4 February [PDF] 1 902 kb
    Community engages on SoNA
  • Issue 3 February [PDF] 2 756 kb
    Campaign addresses LGBTIQ community
  • Issue 2 February [PDF] 2 880 kb
    Youth encouraged to open township-based businesses
  • Issue 1 January [PDF] 2 000 kb
    Northern Cape awards top achiever


  • Issue 46 December [PDF] 3 040 kb
    National Health Insurance Bill public consultation 
  • Issue 45 November [PDF] 2 670 kb
    Disability rights awareness campaign 
  • Issue 44 November [PDF] 2 360 kb
    Public Protector reaches out to community 
  • Issue 43 November [PDF] 2 297 kb
    Bok fever hits Siya Kolisi’s home town 
  • Issue 42 November [PDF] 2 099 kb
    Community dialogues on violence and substance abuse
  • Issue 41 November [PDF] 2 349 kb
    Men speak against violence
  • Issue 40 October [PDF]  4 000 kb
    Eastern Cape launches the Provincial Development Plan
  • Issue 39 October [PDF]  2 000 kb
  • March tackles violence against women and children
  • Issue 38 October [PDF]  2 471 kb
    Community dialogue on gender-based violence
  • Issue 37 October [PDF]  230 kb
    KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government launches Operation Khawuleza
  • Issue 36 September [PDF]  339 kb
    Deputy Minister visits care centre
  • Issue 35 September [PDF]  3 000 kb
    Promoting a reading generation
  • Issue 34 September [PDF]  3 000 kb
    March against domestic violence
  • Issue 33 September [PDF] 2 045 kb
    Government intensifies fight against violence
  • Issue 32 August [PDF] 1 002 kb
    Youth exposed to economic opportunities
  • Issue 31 August [PDF] 2 349 kb
    Women’s health dialogue
  • Issue 30 August [PDF] 2.93 kb
    Men dialogue tackles women abuse
  • Issue 29 August [PDF] 612 kb
    Activation tackles substance and drug abuse
  • Issue 28 August [PDF] 2 000 kb
    Honouring women in agriculture
  • Issue 27 July [PDF] 2.18 mb
    Handover of houses to families
  • Issue 26 July [PDF] 574 kb
    National minimum wage stakeholder engagement
  • Issue 25 July [PDF] 3 000 kb
    Youth dialogue on employment opportunities
  • Issue 24 July [PDF] 2 256 kb
    Youth dialogue on youth development
  • Issue 23 June [PDF] 1 470 kb
    Pre-SoNA engagement sessions
  • Issue 22 June [PDF] 3 000 kb
    Gauteng observes International Albinism Awareness Day
  • Issue 21 June [PDF] 2 085 kb
    Gender-based violence outreach
  • Issue 20 June [PDF] 3 080 kb
    Inmates view the inauguration of the President
  • Issue 19 May [PDF] 781 kb
    Community tackles violence and substance abuse
  • Issue 18 May [PDF] 2 000 kb
    Small businesses receive equipment
  • Issue 17 May [PDF] 3 000 kb
    Deputy Minister connects schools and a clinic to the internet
  • Issue 16 May [PDF] 3 000 kb
    Refurbished schools to improve
  • Issue 15 May [PDF]  2 042 kb
    Handover of equipment to small businesses
  • Issue 14 April [PDF] 740 kb
    Citizens urged to read
  • Issue 13 April [PDF]  3 000 kb
    Government takes services to the people
  • Issue 12 April [PDF] 2 000 kb
    Huge investment in healthcare
  • Issue 11 April [PDF] 454 kb
    A march against illegal abortions
  • Issue 10 March [PDF] 3 000 kb
    Launch of National Library Week
  • Issue 9 March [PDF] 2 083 kb
    Gauteng Premier David Makhura opens Kekana Gardens Clinic
  • Issue 8 March [PDF] 1 000 kb
    Promotion of indigenous languages
  • Issue 7 March [PDF] 3 000 kb
    Community outreach in Pienaarspoort
  • Issue 6 March [PDF] 973 kb
    Service delivery outreach and SoNA live broadcast
  • Issue 5  February [PDF] 395 kb
    GCIS facilitates school admission for a learner
  • Issue 4February [PDF] 664 kb
    SoNA live viewing in Zonderwater Correctional Services
  • Issue 3February [PDF] 452 kb
    Activation awareness on SoNA and voter registration
  • Issue 2, February [PDF] 1 845 kb
    Citizens encouraged to register to vote  
  • Issue 1, January [PDF] 558 kb
  • Voter registration campaign in Hammanskraal



  • Issue 48, December [PDF] 864 kb
    Government launches sexual offences court
  • Issue 47, December [PDF] 2 MB
    Government engages community on service delivery
  • Issue 46, November [PDF] 853 kb
    Skilled and capable workforce to support an inclusive growth path
  • Issue 45, November [PDF] 714 kb
    Information session on economic opportunities
  • Issue 44 , November [PDF] 752 kb
    Deputy Minister hosts dialogue against violence
  • Issue 43, November [PDF] 2 034 kb
    Mama Sisulu’s legacy honoured in Cofimvaba, Unveiling the wall of emergency contact numbers
  • Issue 42, November [PDF] 912 kb
    Free State hosts digital migration colloquium
  • Issue 41,  October [PDF] 756 kb
    Minister tackles violence and corruption
  • Issue 40,  October [PDF] 756 kb
    Ekurhuleni Transport Month celebration
  • Issue 39,  October [PDF] 736 kb
    Municipality hosts National Communicators’ Forum
  • Issue 38, October [PDF] 894 kb
    Government Exhibition Day in Pretoria
  • Issue 37, September [PDF] 895 kb
    Dialogue on cultural representation in films
  • Issue 36, September [PDF] 912 kb
    Economic opportunities exhibition
  • Issue 35, September [PDF] 845 kb
    Induction for new government communicators
  • Issue 34. September [PDF] 850  kb
    Communicators receive new skills
  • Issue 33, August [PDF] 850  kb
    Women's Month celebration in Dundee
  • Issue 32, August [PDF] 783 kb 
    Women tackle substance abuse
  • Issue 31, August [PDF] 915 kb
    Government skills development programme benefits youth, Minister hands over title deeds to residents, Government leaders reach out to communities, Session tackles violence and abuse
  • Issue 30, August [PDF] 826 kb 
    Children celebrate Mandela centenary, Albertina Sisulu memorial lecture 
  • Issue 29, August [PDF] 882 kb
    March against women and child abuse; Mandela Day celebration
  • Issue 28, July [PDF] 1016kb
    Dialogue celebrates Albertina Sisulu; Nelson Mandela Day outreach
  • Issue 27, July [PDF] 877 kb 
    Minister addresses youth festival; Imbizo tackled gender-based issues
  • Issue 26, July [PDF] 816 kb 
    Mall activation promotes Mandela and Sisulu legacy
  • Issue 25, July [PDF] 870 kb 
    Deputy Minister monitors service-delivery points; Career expo benefits youth
  • Issue 24, June [PDF] 645 kb
    Government intervenes to ensure safe initiation schools
  • Issue 23, June [PDF] 949 kb 
    Exhibition boosts youth employment
  • Issue 22, June [PDF] 589 kb 
    Zero-water dairy manufacturing plant; Community dialogue on crime
  • Issue 21, June [PDF] 654 kb 
    Premier reaches out to community members; Government takes services to the people
  • Issue 20, June [PDF] 667 kb
    Mining and big industries summit
  • Issue 19, May [PDF] 670 kb
    Government engages community members on service deliver
  • Issue 18, May [PDF] 644 kb 
    Civic and democracy education for learners; Launch of De Doorns labour office
  • Issue 17, May [PDF] 647 kb
    Deputy Minister reaches out to the people; Government provides information on social grants; Workshop to boost small businesses
  • Issue 16, May [PDF] 641 kb
    Army reaches out to community members; Minister calls for efficiency; Government commits to serve grant beneficiaries 
  • Issue 15, April [PDF] 520 kb
    National Youth Service Programme bears fruits, SAFCOL reaches out to community members, Social grants deal in full swing, Campaign to tackle corruption
  • Issue 14, April [PDF] 564 kb
    Remembering Winnie Madikizela-Mandela
  • Issue 13, April [PDF] 566 kb
    President launches employment initiative
  • Issue 12, April [PDF] 566 kb
    Government reaches out to learners with special needs
  • Issue 11, March [PDF] 630 kb
    German delegation traces Mandela footsteps; Campaign to tackle corruption; Human Rights Month commemoration
  • Issue 10, March [PDF] 610 kb
    Premier engages farmers;Voter registration activation; Digital migration awareness campaign; Slangriver Thusong Service Centre outreach
  • Issue 9, March [PDF] 741 kb
    Armed Forces Day; Dialogue to tackle crime; Human rights lessons for community
  • Issue 8, March [PDF] 830 kb
    Campaign to tackle drug abuse; Mpumalanga State of the Province Address; Government takes services to the people
  • Issue 7, March [PDF] 946 kb
    Communicators receive training; Boreholes to curb water challenges; Digital migration inspires skills development
  • Issue 6, February [PDF] 647 kb
    SoNA live viewing
  • Issue 5, February [PDF] 658 kb
    Launch of Release Mandela Memories; MEC unveils new community library; Campaign to intensify community safety
  • Issue 4, February [PDF] 746 kb
    Government engages with CDWs; SAPS reaches out to learners; Learners receive school uniforms 
  • Issue 3, February [PDF] 383 kb
    Minister reaches out to schools, Economic opportunities for small businesses
  • Issue 2, February [PDF] 389 kb
    Gugulethu conducts prayer and Imbizo, Campaign to curb initiates deaths, Deputy Minister engages illegal miner
  • Issue 1, January [PDF] 458 kb
    Lessons take place on the first day



  • Issue 48, December [PDF] 595 kb
    March against women and child abuse
  • Issue 47, December [PDF] 476 kb
    March against women and child abuse
  • Issue 46, December [PDF] 4017 kb
    NYDA opens offices in the John Taolo Gaetsewe District
  • Issue 45, November [PDF] 3 006 kb
    People of Nkantolo celebrate the life of OR Tambo
  • Issue 44, November [PDF] 780 kb
    Communities march for no violence against abuse
  • Issue 43, November [PDF] 580 kb
    Minister reaches out to learners, OR Tambo Schools Debate inspires creativity , New road project to change lives
  • Issue 42, November [PDF] 1.04  mb
    Open day to address service delivery, Campaign to highlight albinism, Hhoyi Tribal Authority celebrates achievements
  • Issue 41, October [PDF] 614 kb 
    Workshop to promote transport safety, Open day prioritises community health and wellness, Government reaches out to community members
  • Issue 40, October [PDF] 614 kb 
    President unveils pedestrian bridge in Botlokwa, Newcastle Municipality launches Transport Month, Transport Month lessons for community member
  • Issue 39, October [PDF] 616 kb 
    Cooperatives workshop to empower women in business, Exhibition day takes services to the people
  • Issue 38, October [PDF] 634 kb 
    Government tackles gender-based violence
  • Issue 37, September [PDF] 588 kb
    Government reflects on the NDP, Kagiso Thusong Service Centre promotes entrepreneurship, Matshiding observes Thusong Service Centre Week; Minister recognises excellence in science and technology
  • Issue 36, September [PDF] 2 004 kb
    Government takes information to the people and young people to receive skills
  • Issue 35, September [PDF] 649 kb
    President Zuma launches investment centre; Premier Lucas engages women; Young people empowered with information; Government takes services to the people
  • Issue 34, September [PDF] 553 kb
    Special edition: Fighting against Women and Child Abuse
  • Issue 33, September [PDF] 557 kb
    Umkhanyakude water project, Government reaches out to inmates, Department conducts Women’s Month dialogue, Bridge to restore people’s dignity
  • Issue 32, August [PDF] 536 kb
    SADC Media Awards celebrate greatness
  • Issue 31, August [PDF] 870 kb
    War against gender-based violence, Event to support and honour artists, Ngwathe acts against women abuse, Breakfast dialogue to honour women
  • Issue 30, August [PDF] 573 kb
    Men session to end women and child abuse and a seminar to empower small businesses
  • Issue 29, August [PDF] 696 kb
    Sasol Techno exposes learners to career possibilities, Kalushi film goes to East London, Youth receive bursaries on Mandela Day
  • Issue 28, July [PDF] 571 kb
    Mandela Day brings joy to Maphiniki family, Community march against violence affecting women and children, Youth against crime, Youth receive bursaries on Mandela Day
  • Issue 27, July [PDF] 543 kb
    Mandela Day brings changes to Mayisha Secondary School, Mandela Day event opens doors to unemployed villagers, Minister reaches out to ruaral schools
  • Issue 26, July [PDF] 843 kb
    Premier urges young people to work hard, MEC empowers women and young girl, March against violence, Community stands up against abuse
  • Issue 25, July [PDF] 457 kb
    Young people should improve their skill, March and dialogie to tackle abuse, Economic opportunities for Mogale City cooperative
  • Issue 24, June [PDF] 596 kb
    Young people should improve their skill, March and dialogie to tackle abuse, Economic opportunities for Mogale City cooperative
  • Issue 23, June [PDF] 592 kb
    South Africa commemorates Youth Day, Government conducts career expo at Senwamokgope, Deputy Minister reaches out to community members
  • Issue 22, June [PDF] 5 098 kb
    Elsie’s River residents welcome President Jacob Zuma’s return to the community to address crime. The President was accompanied by the Ministers and Deputy Ministers to respond to the issues affecting the community and surrounding areas. The event took place on 30 May 2017.
  • Issue 21, June [PDF] 581 kb
    Young people embrace education, Tourism Forum launch for Naledi Youth, Community march to fight against abuse
  • Issue 20, June [PDF] 803 kb
    Raising awareness on children’s rights and their need to be protected, Child Protection Week celebration in full swing, Child Protection Week
  • Issue 19, May [PDF] 724 kb
    Africa Day public lecture, Africa Day community dialogue
  • Issue 18, May [PDF] 458 kb
    Workers’ rights are guaranteed, Naledi Local Municipality launches tourism forum for youth
  • Issue 17, May [PDF] 687 kb
    Freedom Month awareness drive, Mayor reaches out to Tshing, Mpumalanga observes Freedom Day, President engages with people of Vuwani
  • Issue 16, May [PDF] 626 kb
    Road safety for free and safer communities
  • Issue 15, April [PDF] 564 kb
    Nkangala District Municipality Legislature and Governance Committee meeting, Moletši Thusong Service Centre Portfolio Committee visit, Apply Now/Khetha Career Guidance campaign in Nquthu, road safety campaign
  • Issue 14, April [PDF] 2 000 kb
    Government shares road-safety tips with motorists
  • Issue 13, April [PDF] 620 kb
    Learners commemorate Human Rights Month through moot court
  • Issue 12, April [PDF] 479 kb
    Conversation with social-grant beneficiaries
  • Issue 11, March [PDF] 644 kb
    Deputy Minister for Economic Development, Madala Masuku engages with small businesses
  • Issue 10, March [PDF] 600 kb
    Lessons on the functions of Parliament
  • Issue 9, March [PDF] 541 kb
    GCIS hosts Human Rights capacity workshopCitizens urged to brand South Africa positively
  • Issue 8, March [PDF] 2 000 kb
    GCIS hosts Human Rights capacity workshop
  • Issue 7, March [PDF] 3 476 kb
    North West State of the Province Address, Post-State of the Nation Address Education Imbizo, Mkhuhlu educational programme
  • Issue 6, February [PDF] 700 kb
    Government assists citizens to reclaim their land
  • Issue 5, February [PDF] 690 kb
    The tranquil seaside town of Elandsbaai welcomed Government Communication Information and System into their community for a live viewing of the State of the Nation Address (SoNA) on 9 February 2017.
  • Issue 4, February [PDF] 3 036 kb
    The Deputy Minister of Communications, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams and Deputy Minister of Public Enterprise,Bulelani Magwanishe, handed over school furniture and South African Social Security Agency school uniform to learners from poor households.
  • Issue 3, February [PDF] 2078 kb
    The Government Communication and Information System hosted a dialogue to educate the 2017 Grade 12 class about the importance of applying early to tertiary institutions and also how to apply for financial assistance.
  • Issue 2, January [PDF] 1029 kb
    About eight learners who came top in the 2016 matric results were awarded recognition certificates at an award ceremony organised by Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma (NDZ) Local Municipality on 18 January 2017 at Bulwer Hall.
  • Issue 1, January [PDF] 2000 kb
    Sentraal Primary School admitted 161 Grade 1 learners for English and Afrikaans classes for the 2017 school year.


  • Issue 48, December [PDF] 660 kb
    Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, Gugile Nkwinti hands over land to community members
  • Issue 47, December [PDF] 625 kb
    Communities of New-Brighton and Walmer received integrated services on wheels on 3 and 4 November 2016. This was an initiative by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), Port Elizabeth district.
  • Issue 46, December [PDF] 611 kb
    Fight against crime during the festive season intensified
  • Issue 45, November [PDF] 2 647 kb
    Government partners with community members to fight abuse in Chatsworth; Government engages with people with disabilities in Mount Ayliff; Amajuba unites against women and child abuse; Fight against crime remains a priority in Thembalethu.
  • Issue 44, November [PDF] 675 kb
    The 2016 Eastern Cape Provincial initiation season was launched on 18 November 2016 in the Enock Mgijima Local Municipality area under the Chris Hani District Municipality area.
  • Issue 43, November [PDF] 2 033 kb
    Minister reaches out to community members through an Imbizo
  • Issue 42, November [PDF] 656 kb
    In this week's: The Transport Month taxi rank activation, which was held on 24 October 2016 at Vryheid Plaza rank under the theme: “Together we move South Africa Forward.”
  • Issue 41, November [PDF] 622 kb
    After 20 years of using trees as the hiding place for the harvested vegetables, today Ikhwezi Vegetable and Poultry through intervention of the Department of Social Development (DSD) and the National Development Agency (NDA), has a modernised pack house, cold room and a bakkie to transport their products.
  • Issue 40, October [PDF] 1000 kb
    In this week's My District Today: The Department of Science and Technology (DST) collaborated with Impala Platinum to develop a fuel cell-powered forklift as part of developing hydrogen fuel cell technology.
  • Issue 39, October [PDF] 752 kb
    Commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of Samora Machel’s death
  • Issue 38, October [PDF] 2 065 kb
    Mitititi community joins the digital TV world
  • Issue 37, October [PDF] 1 073 kb
    In line with the celebration of Heritage and Tourism Month, the Department of Tourism, in partnership with the Robben Island Museum hosted a breakfast event to officially launch the Museum’s Service Excellence Legacy Committee on 16 September 2016.
  • Issue 36, September [PDF] 2 072 kb
    In this week's My District Today: Operation Sukuma Sakhe moved into top gear in the Msinga municipalities when they rendered basic services to deep rural communities during the annual Thusong Service Centre Week at Mkhuphula One Stop Centre on 20 September 2016.
  • Issue 35, September [PDF] 1 040 kb
    In this week's My District Today:The Silindini Thusong Service Centre observed Information Day on 20 September 2016. Government departments such as Labour, Home Affairs, Social Development and Government Communication and Information System rendered services at the event. Other stakeholders such as the South African Social Security Agency, Road Accident Fund, South African Police Service were also present to provide services and information.
  • Issue 34, September [PDF] 2 076 kb
    In this week's My District Today: Small businesses play an important role in job creation, poverty alleviation and economic diversification, hence the Community Revitalisation Programme.
  • Issue 33, September [PDF] 2058 kb
    Community members urged to preserve water
  • Issue 32, September [PDF] 2041 kb
    Women in Mbombela City commemorated Women’s Month in style when they held the “Dhuku” Street Awareness Campaign on 27 August 2016.
  • Issue 31, August [PDF] 2 680 kb
    Government Communication and Information System in partnership with Ekupholeni and Alok Telecenter hosted a career expo to advise learners about career choices and providing information concerning the application processes of various institutions of higher learning and also available financial assistance options.
  • Issue 30, August [PDF] 1 005 kb
    Langa Baptist Church hosts women’s breakfast to commemorate Women’s Day
  • Issue 29, August [PDF] 2 008 kb
    Every year on 9 August South Africa celebrates National Women’s Day, a public holiday that pays homage to the women of our nation who fought tirelessly against the tyranny of the apartheid government.
  • Issue 28, August [PDF] 7 026 kb
    All 56 wards within Umzinyathi District had peaceful local government elections with the participation of various political parties including the increased number of 18 independent candidates. Umzinyathi has the fastest growing number of voters since 2000.
  • Issue 27, July [PDF] 4 040 kb
    The Government Communication and Information System in partnership with the Overstrand Local Municipality hosted a post-SoNA seminar on 22 July 2016 at the Overstrand Banquet Hall in the Overberg District.
  • Issue 26, July [PDF] 2 019 kb
    In this week's My District Today, we commemorate Mandela Day at the Harry Gwala Clinic and other areas.
  • Issue 25, July [PDF] 3 009 kb
    Minister in The Presidency for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation and Chairperson of the National Planning Commission (NPC), Jeff Radebe, went on a two-day monitoring visit to the KSD Municipality in Mthatha on 24 June 2016.
  • Issue 24, July [PDF] 1 390 kb
    In this week's My District Today, The Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources, Godfrey Oliphant, visited the town of Concordia on 28 June 2016 to officially launch the artisan programme that was made possible through the cooperation of the Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA), National Skills Fund and Namakwa District Municipality.
  • Issue 23, July [PDF] 1 040 kb
    In this week's My District Today, Youth Day 2016 marked 40 years since the 16 June 1976 student uprising against the Bantu Education system. Students from
    schools in both Mfuleni and Strand communities celebrated World Refugee Day by competing in performance art.
  • Issue 22, June [PDF] 1 023 kb
    In this week's My District Today, Northern Cape Premier Sylvia Lucas, officially hands over the newly built Matjieskloof Intermediary School.
  • Issue 21, June [PDF] 982 kb
    In this week's My District Today, The Ministry of Communications held an Imbizo at the Kwaggafontein Community Hall on 3 June 2016.
  • Issue 20, June [PDF] 982 kb
    In this week's My District Today, The Department of Arts and Culture (DAC) in the Amajuba District hosted festivities to celebrate of Africa Month in Dannhauser on 20 May 2016.
  • Issue 19, May [PDF] 803 kb
    In this week's My District Today, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies hosted the 8th Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP) 2016 media launch at Guestro Naledi Inhlanganiso Group on 9 May 2016.
  • Issue 18, May [PDF] 2011 kb
    In this week's My District Today, Nkangala District Municipality in partnership with other stakeholders conducted a summit aimed at lobbying investors to invest in the district.
  • Issue 17, May [PDF] 1 800 kb
    In this week's My District Today, President Jacob Zuma launches a youth hub.
  • Issue 16, May [PDF] 1083 kb
  • Issue 15, April [PDF] 838 kb
    In this week's My District Today, Deputy Minister of Communications, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, leads a post-SoNA information seminar in Mbhashe Local Municipality in Idutywa on 18 April 2016.
  • Issue 14, April [PDF] 838 kb
    In this week's My District Today, Mineral Resources Deputy Minister Godfrey Oliphant conducts a post-SoNA seminar communication drive intended to unpack the State of the Nation Address (SoNA) speech by President Jacob Zuma.
  • Issue 13, April [PDF] 1097 kb
    In this week's My District Today, the closing event of the National Imbizo Focus Week that started on 4 April 2016 was held at Moroka High School in Thaba Nchu on 10 April 2016.
  • Issue 12, April [PDF] 1004 kb
    In this week's My District Today, Department of Basic Education takes National Imbizo Focus Week to Dunoon in the Western Cape.
  • Issue 11, April [PDF] 519 kb
    In this week's edition: Human Rights Day is commemorated, Nkomazi community fights crime, Anti-racism Week is observed, Lavender Hill community outreach by Police Minister Nathi Nhleko.
  • Issue 10, March [PDF] 946 kb
    In this week's edition: Ntabankulu community to get electricity, Nquthu learners receives shoes, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministers visits Dikgatlong farmers, Stats SA launces Community Survey in Polokwane
  • Issue 9, March [PDF] 813 kb
    In this week's edition: Bekkersdal community outreach takes services to the people, Driefontein community celebrates Library Week, North West gets a Skills Development Centre, Joe Slovo residents commemorate International Women's Day
  • Issue 8, March [PDF] 735 kb
    In this week's edition: Newcastle learners receive career guidance, Helenvale fights against crime and drugs, Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, Mduduzi Manana promotes Decade of the Artisan campaing in Limpopo and launches First Things First HEAIDS Programme in Kimberley
  • Issue 7, March [PDF] 686 kb
    In this week's edition: Mpumalanga State of the Province Address, Westrand War Room Career Day, uMgungundlovu promotos a healthy lifestyle for the elderly, Northern Cape supports women entrepreneurs
  • Issue 6, February [PDF] 778 kb
    In this week's edition: Ikageng gets WiFi, KwaZulu-Natal assists farmers in drought, Mpumalanga assists farmers in drought, Crossroads youth encouraged to fights against drug abuse.
  • Issue 5, February [PDF] 1 016 kb
    State of the Nation Address
  • Issue 4, February [PDF] 738 kb
    This week's special edition outlines pre-State of the Nation Address mobilisation.
  • Issue 3, February [PDF] 724 kb
    This week's special edition outlines pre-State of the Nation Address mobilisation.
  • Issue 2, January [PDF] 735 kb
    In this week edition, The University of the Free State’s (UFS) Bloemfontein, South and QwaQwa campuses started their 2016 registration for first-year students on 18 January.
  • Issue 1, January [PDF] 691 kb
    in this week's edition, the Limpopo Department of Agriculture has launched the first-ever Braille manual on the promotion of access to information. The department convened a provincial summit on 2 December 2015, where a copy of the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA), written in Braille, was handed over to the provincial chairperson of the people with disabilities forum, Seun Mathale, by the head of the department, Ramatsimele Maisela.



  • Issue 49, December [PDF] 2 016 kb
    This week's My District Today is Imbizo Focus Week's special edition. Police Minister Nathi Nhleko, various stakeholders from government, civil society, the taxi industry and the business sector, participated in the Business/Stakeholder Breakfast discussion on 13 November 2015 in KwaZulu-Natal.
  • Issue 48, December [PDF] 785 kb
    The Northern Cape Provincial Government took services and information to the people of Colesberg and Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom conducts an Imbizo to reward excellence at Breede Valley in the Western Cape
  • Issue 47, December [PDF] 862 kb
    16 days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children is observed at Tsakane; Rustenburg digital migration Imbizo; Disability Rights Awaness Month at Ntorwane; Community Works Programme in Lukhanji
  • Issue 46, November [PDF] 2 075 kb
    Springfontein youth empowers himself and feeds community; uMthashana Technical Vocational Education and Training helps the trainees to acquire plant-production skills to grow vegetables; Tourism Buddies Learnership; Disability Month observed at Ba’One Intellectual Disability Centre in Seoding
  • Issue 45, November [PDF] 691 kb
    Inqubeko Secondary School motivational talk, Ratlou graduates receive National Certificate: Information Tecnology, Mamelodi Government Exhibition Day, Fezile Dabi Career and Skills Development Exhibition programme
  • Issue 44, November [PDF] 986 kb
    The Dannhauser Municipality under the Amajuba District in KwaZulu-Natal embarks on a water-saving campaign.
  • Issue 43, November [PDF] 1 744 kb
    Opening of Dr Rantlai Petrus Molemela Stadium in Bloemfontein, Daveyton Mall business week, Opening of Ramcohana bridge in Rustenburg, Khayamandi Thusong Service Centre mobile outreach
  • Issue 42, October [PDF] 744 kb
    Okiep education receives a boost; Former mineworkers receive good news; President Zuma hands over houses in Cape Town; Government reaches out to needy families in Kwaggafontein
  • Issue 41, October [PDF] 787 kb
  • Issue 40, October [PDF] 930 kb
  • Issue 39, October [PDF] 980 kb
  • Issue 38, October [PDF] 1 047 kb
  • Issue 37, September [PDF] 1 036 kb
  • Issue 36, September [PDF] 1 086 kb
  • Issue 35, September [PDF] 1 356 kb
  • Issue 34, September [PDF] 1 012 kb
  • Issue 33, August [PDF] 2 184 kb
  • Issue 32, August [PDF] 1 085 kb
  • Issue 31, August [PDF] 1 513 kb
    Youth start aloe business, Deputy Minister of Environmental Affairs Barbara Thomson informs Memel about weather issues, Khayelitsha Youth Crime Prevention Safety Summit, GCIS promotes EPWP on Unitra Community Radio.
  • Issue 30, August [PDF] 1 044 kb
  • Issue 29, July [PDF] 1 001 kb
  • Issue 28, July [PDF] 1 920 kb
    Government acts to address water challenges. The Minister of Water and Sanitation, Nomvula Mokonyane, and KwaZulu-Natal MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Nomusa Dube-Ncube led a mall and taxi activations on 15 July 2015 in iLembe and eThekwini areas.
  • Issue 27, July [PDF] 1 027 kb
    The Gugulethu Youth Development Council (GYDC) has appealed to national government to help them promote social cohesion in the Western Cape. The chairperson of the GYDC, Adelaide Phankisa, said the Western Cape provincial government had failed to grant them a platform to engage openly as young people in the province.
  • Issue 26, July [PDF] 1 140 kb
  • Issue 25, July [PDF] 1 025 kb
  • Issue 24, June [PDF] 1 015 kb
    Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Senzeni Zokwana visited Tsolo Agricultural College to engage with agriculture students and the community of OR Tambo District Municipality.
  • Issue 23, June [PDF] 1 034 kb
  • Issue 22, June [PDF] 1 019 kb
  • Issue 21, June [PDF] 1 027 kb
  • Issue 20, May [PDF] 1 356 kb
    The fight against crime and corruption received a boost when the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) hosted the 2nd Annual Anti-corruption Conference from 30 to 31 March 2015 at the St. George’s Hotel in Irene, Pretoria.
  • Issue 19, May [PDF] 1 088 kb
    The Minister of Communications, Faith Muthambi and Deputy Minister of Communications, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams tabled the  DoC Budget Vote in Parliament on 20 May 2015.
  • Issue 18, May [PDF] 1 444 kb
    This week’s My District Today: Apply Now/Khetha Career Guidance Campaign launch; Potchefstroom Local Municipality empowers young people; Craft Imbizo in Bloemfontein.
  • Issue 17, May [PDF] 1 030 kb
    This week’s My District Today: KwaZulu-Natal Premier Senzo Mchunu led the Operation Sukuma Sakhe Cabinet Day in the Harry Gwala District Municipality on 29 April.
  • Issue 16, April [PDF] 1 361 kb
    President Jacob Zuma appoints the IMC to ensure that all aspects of migration are handled efficiently, including the social, economic and security aspects.
  • Issue 15, April [PDF] 1 696 kb
  • Issue 14, April [PDF] 1 514 kb
    This week's My District Today shows the second National Imbizo Focus Week of the current administration which took place from 7 to 12 April 2015 under government’s theme “Together we move South Africa forward”. The focus week saw political principals from all three spheres of government engaging with community members and other stakeholders across the country.
  • Issue 13, April [PDF] 1380 kb
    Deputy Minister of Communications reaches out to schools; Fight against drug and substance abuse intensified; A successful roadblock campaign; Sekhukhune celebrates Water Week.
  • Issue 12, April 1 000 kb
    The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Community Safety and Liaison holds a mini launch of safety structures within eDumbe Local Municipality; Free State bids farewell to Minister Collins Chabane
  • Issue 11, March [PDF] 1 820 kb
    Minister Chabane’s memorial service in Limpopo; Condolence book in honour of Minister Chabane; A big send-off for the fallen hero;
  • Issue 10, March [PDF] 1 503 kb
    Deputy Minister of Communications, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, conducted post-State of the Nation Address (SoNA)
  • Issue 9, March [PDF] 1 103 kb
    Various stakeholders reach out to the public; Outreach programme in Lwandle; Small businesses get a boost; Praise singer makes her mark
  • Issue 8, March [PDF] 1 150 kb
    Awards for Early Childhood Development (ECD) practitioners; Radio station receives new studio equipment; Court Annexed Mediation launched in Mahikeng; Deputy Minister reaches out to young people
  • Issue 7, February [PDF] 1 066 kb
    DoC embarks on an outreach programme; Children learn new skills; North West celebrates Armed Forces Day; Gauteng learners celebrate the Safer Internet Day (SID)
  • Issue 6,February [PDF] 1 075 kb
    Deputy President’s outreach programme, Chris Hani District Municipality on the right track, World Wetlands Day celebrated in Mpumalanga, Oudtshoorn Local Municipality heeds the call 
  • Issue 5, February [PDF] 2461 kb
    Pre-SoNA activities in Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Northern Cape, Western Cape and North West provinces
  • Issue 4, February [PDF] 1024 kb
    Northern Cape schools reopen, Zwelethemba outreach campaign, Cunningham High School cyberlab
  • Issue 3, January 2015 [PDF] 1 234 kb
    Vodacom Limpopo launches Vodacom E-school learning portal and Youth council hosts annual youth summit
  • Issue 2, January 2015 [PDF] 1 036 kb
    Kgotsofalo Intermediate Farm School welcomes new learners and MEC Nhlengethwa motivates learners at Ubuhlebolwazi
  • Issue 1, January 2015 [PDF] 838 kb
    Tandi Eleanor Sibeko Secondary wired for paperless classroom and Mpumalanga learners back to school with a bang!


  • Issue 48, December 2014 [PDF] 1095 kb
    Cederberg Municipality launches the 16 Days of Activism campaign with a roadblock and Business lessons for entrepreneurs in the Gert Sibande District
  • Issue 47, December 2014 [PDF] 1 089 kb
    Deputy Minister Ndabeni-Abrahams addresses the World Aids Day commemorative event in the Eastern Cape.
  • Issue 46, November 2014 [PDF] 889 kb
    Minister of Communications Faith Muthambi hosts an Imbizo with all government communicators and community media and Deputy President reaches out to Gert Sibande District.
  • Issue 45, November 2014 [PDF] 1084 kb
  • Issue 44, November 2014 [PDF] 1020 kb
  • Issue 43, November 2014 [PDF] 1300 kb
  • Issue 42, October 2014 [PDF] 1900 KB
    North West Premier launches Bua le Puso campaign in Taung and Home Affairs Minister visits Thulamahashe.
  • Issue 41, October 2014 [PDF] 1000 KB
  • Issue 40, October 2014 [PDF] 1300 KB
  • Issue 39, October 2014 [PDF] 4048 KB
  • Issue 38, October 2014 [PDF] 1066 KB
  • Issue 37, September 2014 [PDF] 1352 KB
    Deputy Minister of Communications Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams hands over computers to Murray High School and President Jacob Zuma opens the state-of-the-art hospital in Upington.
  • Isssue 36, September 2014 [PDF] 1400 KB
    This edition covers the the South African Social Security Agency's mobile outreach programme to register and re-register beneficiaries of social grants in Goederede, we also reflect on how Minister of Water and Sanitation Nomvula Mokonyane cracks the whip to bring water to Giyani residents.
  • Isssue 35, September 2014 [PDF] 1475 KB
    Deputy Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams officially handed over 15 computers to Phatfwa Senior Secondary School in Mbonisweni and Thaba Nchu interchange, overpass and pedestrian bridge opened
  • Isssue 34, August 2014 [PDF] 1300 KB
    This week looks at the new technological mobile library for Sinthumule High School and also celebrates women in leadership, among other content covered.
  • Issue 33, August 2014 [PDF] 1 537 KB
    This week's issue focuses on Women's Month and activities held across the country.
  • Issue 32, August 2014 [PDF] 1005 KB
    Women's Month launch; anti-crime campaign in Alexandra; Ugu District career exhibition; Qamata Mechanisation Centre modernising agriculture in Chris Hani District.
  • Issue 31, August 2014 [PDF] 1005 KB
    Maphotla Youth Centre career expo; Mataleng Clinic health dialogue; Mafikeng High School career expo; Sweethome gets electricity; Government's Medium Term Strategic Framework
  • Issue 30, August 2014 [PDF] 1478 kb
    Infrastructure development project to benefit the people of Mpumalanga and the Deputy Minister Ndabeni-Abrahams commits to support local media.
  • Issue 29, July 2014 [PDF] 1003 kb
    Mandela Day community outreach
  • Issue 28, July 2014 [PDF] 1 000 kb
    Minister of Communications, Faith Muthambi launches the Imbizo Focus Week at Vhembe district municipality in Limpopo and the Mpumalanga provincial office hold a Media Engagement Session.
  • Issue 27, July 2014 [PDF] 2 004 kb
    This week's issue focuses on International Mandela Day in which the day encourages individuals to take action to help make the world a better place, and in doing so, build a global movement for good.
  • Issue 26, July 2014 [PDF] 886 kb
    Ekurhuleni youth network hosts a job summit and focuses on Outcome 12: Effective and development oriented public service and an empowered, fair and inclusive citizenship.
    The Deputy Minister of the Department of Communications, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams addresses the youth Parliament in North West’s Legislature.
  • Issue 25, June 2014 [PDF] 7000 kb
    Wrenchwill youth march against drugs; Youth Day celebrations; Nkangala Children's Parliament.
  • Issue 24, June 2014 [PDF] 1 185 kb
    President Jacob Zuma delivered his State of the Nation Address and we hear what the public has to say about it.
  • Issue 23, June 2014 [PDF] 1 230 kb
    Students given more reasons to stay out of drugs, Cherry-picking the precise career, Africa Diaspora Dialogue, Radio station a freedom gift to the community, Botoka Secondary School gets internet
  • Issue 22, May 2014 [PDF] 961 kb
    Child Protection Week.
  • Issue 21, May 2014 [PDF] 1920 kb
    Presidential Inauguration and live viewings across the country.
  • Issue 20, May 2014 [PDF] 1040 kb
    Hobhouse Youth Career Expo, Temogo Special School receives specialised computers, South Durban Basin Area Based Management Team hosted a Women’s Dialogue, MEC Sauls-August hands over Posdam houses, Limpopo rural schools receive schools, Presidential inauguration
  • Issue 19, May 2014 [PDF] 1 220 kb
    Government recently opened Kuyasa Clinic in the Eastern Cape. The clinic infrustructure cost R8.2 million and serves 21 wards in the Intsika Yethu Local  Municipality. This issue, we also reflect on the the Department of Science and Technology's hand over of a mobile science laboratory at Cofivamba Secondary School.
  • Issue 18, May 2014 [PDF] 1555 kb
    This issue reflects on the 2014 general elections and what voting means to various individuals.
  • Issue 17, May 2014 [PDF] 804 kb
    Chatsworth Police Station opening, Limpopo 20 Year Review Report, North West Premier visits Kanana churches, Integrated Energy Centre sod-turning in Nkomazi
  • Issue 16, April 2014 [PDF] 992 kb
    Jobs creation in Northern Cape, Learners receive bicycles, Sakhile gets computer centre, Ga-Kgatla and Paul Roux get water, Freedom Day
  • Issue 15, April 2014 [PDF] 940 kb
    Ingogo and White City clinic openings, Middledrift Water Treatment Works opening, St Francis Church march against crime, Minister of Labour engages with Buffalo City Metro domestic workers
  • Issue 14, April 2014 [PDF] 1 201 kb
    Northern Cape youth employed through CWP, Nelson Mandela Bay and West Rand Youth Dialogues, Olifantshoek and Deben celebrate Human Rights Day, Sekhukhune youth empowerment project
  • Issue 13, April 2014 [PDF] 6 694 kb
    Emahlutshini Clinic opening, Impendle water services, Viedgesville N2 bridge opening, Kwa-Dela services outreach, Coffee Bay water scheme launch
  • Issue 12, March 2014 [PDF] 1 634 kb
    Northern Cape schools receive book donations, De Hoop Dam launch, Ngwathe roads repair project, Baga Mothibi getting new community health centre, 20 years of improving security and justice
  • Issue 11, March 2014 [PDF] 1 420 kb
    Bekkersdal community reclaims clinic, Construction starts on new hospital for Ntabankulu, Northern Cape skills development centre opening, Soup kitchens open in Northern Cape, Floods, Saving water
  • Issue 10, March 2014 [PDF] 1 220 kb
    KwaZulu-Natal launches 20 Years of Freedom campaign, Service delivery improves for Mier, Semomotela School gets media classroom, Amsterdam learners get boarding school, Floods
  • Issue 9, March 2014 [PDF] 1 234 kb
    Khutsong voter education campaign, Aviation Career Expo in Delft, Eastern Cape Community Media Symposium, Jobs created by Reitz chicken abattoir, Mabatlane services outreach
  • Issue 8, February 2014 [PDF] 1 000 kb
    Modimolle and Mahikeng residents receive houses, Hartswater service delivery outreach, Tswelelang Youth Development Dialogue, Community Works Programme assessed in Grogro and Uitenhage
  • Issue 7, February 2014 [PDF] 1 435 kb
    Phungashe Education Centre gets computers, Sol Plaatje University and University of Mpumalanga open doors, Moringa tree farm creates jobs, Siyathemba residents get houses
  • Issue 6, February 2014 [PDF] 1 519 kb
    State of the Nation Address
  • Issue 5, February 2014 [PDF] 2 489 kb
    President calls for restraint during protests, North West water services challenges addressed, Health service delivery improvement, Umsobomvu Water Water Project handover, Floods, Saving water
  • Issue 4, January 2014 [PDF] 1 348 kb
    Thengwe High School Back to School Campaign, Rantobeng High School congratulated on 100% matric pass rate, Kevin Nkoane Primary School ready for 2014, Mvezo gets Science and Technology School, Colesberg water projects announced, Saving water
  • Issue 3, January 2014 [PDF] 1 675 kb
    Free State best performing province in 2013 Matric results, KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Legislature meets with community at Carter High School, Siloe School for the Blind Back to School Campaign, Cape Winelands schools ready for 2014, Saving water
  • Issue 2, January 2014 [PDF] 2 278 kb
    Orange African Nations Championship South Africa 2014
  • Issue 1, January 2014 [PDF] 1 695 kb
    Orange African Nations Championship South Africa 2014