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Title: RFQ 2817_1563_2020 Development, maintenance, support and enhancement services of the Drupal websites and mobile applications for a period of 36 months to Government Communication and Information System
Deadline: 5 June 2020

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Title: RFB 003 2019 2020: Site specifications for rendering security services to Government Communication and Information System, GCIS Head Office and Provincial Offices
Documentation: Bid document including specifications
Deadline: Due to the lock down, kindly note that the closing date of the tender, RFB 003 2019 2020 has been extended and will now close on 21 May 2020

We apologise for the inconvenience

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For bid procedure enquiries contact:

Ms Midah Moreroa
Tel: 012 473 0185

Mr George Storey
Tel: 012 473 0093


Hard copies of the bid documents can be collected from:
Tshedimosetso House
1035 cnr Frances Baard and Festival streets
Hatfield, Pretoria