Awarded tenders

The following tenders have been awarded. 


RFB 008/2023/2024
Description: Appointment of a panel of chauffuer services to GCIS for a period of 24 months.
Awarded to: Mudziwa Travel, Incredible Transport and Project, Londiles Cab Travel Tours.
Period: 10 June 2024 to 09 June 2026.
Price: Task Driven

RFQ 027/2023/2024
Description:  Procurement of Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) for Teams software for the Directorate Media Production.
Awarded supplier: Vukani Technologies (Pty) Ltd
Period: 18 April 2024 to 17 April 2025.
Price: R 552 762.45

RFQ 038/2023/2024
Description:  Procurement of Zoom for meetings and video webinr licences subscription renewal for GCIS for a period of 1 year
Awarded supplier: Audionote
Period: 11 April 2024 to 10 April 2025.
Price: R 509 004.64

RFQ 034/2023/2024
Description: Procurement of government, risk and compliance software and user training.
Period: 25 March 2024 to 24 March 2027.
Price: R 987 350.00

RFQ 033 2023 2024
Description: Procurement of Veeam Backup Microsoft 365 Licence for a period of 12 months. 
Period: 19 March to 18 March 2025
Price: R 227 125.00 including VAT

RFQ 025-2023/2024
Description:  Appointment of a Service Provider to do Maintenance on Access Control and CCTV Systems for a Period of 2 Years.
Awarded to: Multinet Systems
Period: 08 January 2024 to 07 January 2026
Value: R88 412,92

RFQ 024-2023/2024 
Description - Procurement of the maintenance and support services of the uninterrupted power supply system (UPS) for 36 months contract at GCIS Head Office Tshedimosetso House.
Awarded to: Vuka Africa UPS and Generators Pty Ltd
Value: R 205 999.50
Period: 36 Months

RFQ 016 /2023/2024
Description: The procurement of Apple Macbooks and IMAC Computer for the Directorate: Media Production
Bid awarded to- BA Makau  Pty Ltd   
Contract Value – R 518 554 .55
Duration – Ones Off 

RFQ 015- 2023/2024
Description: Terms of reference for the renewal of Manage Engine Patch Manager Licence for the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) for a period of one (1) year.
Period: One (1)  Year
Awarded to: Mindspring Computing 
Value: R48 811,15

RFQ 004 2023/2024 License Renewal and Support Services for Veeam Availability Suite 
Period: 1 year
Awarded to: Phandu Communications
Amount: R200 790.00

RFB 002-2023/2024
Description: Terms of reference for the acquisition of Media Buying and Media Consumption Data Analysis Software
Awarded to: Telmar Media Systems
Period of the contract: 3 years
Value of the contract: R2 567 546,41

RFQ 009 2022/2023 License Renewal and Support Service for Trend Micro Protection Complete Suite
Period: 1 Year
Awarded to: Phandu Communications    
Amount R 876 025

RFB 009-2022/2023 (RFB 2505 -2021 SITA Reference) for Enhance, Support and Maintenance of GCIS Enterprise Content Management System
Period: 3 Years
Awarded to: DAC Systems 
Amount R1 897 006,70

RFB 013-2021/2022  (RFB 2510 2021 SITA Reference) Enhance, Support and Maintenance of GCIS Enterprise Content Management System 
Period: 3 Years
Awarded to: Blue Sky Solutions 
Amount: R3 685 635,00

RFQ 001 /2023/2024
Description – Zoom Meetings and Video Webinar Licenses Subscription Renewal for the Department of Government Communication And Information System (GCIS) 
Period: 1 Year
Awarded  to – Cloudsol Communications Pty Ltd   
Contract Value – R 492 712 .64
Duration – 1 year (12 months )

RFB 001 2022 2023
Description – Rendering of clearning and hygiene services for a period of (thirty-six) months to Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) Head Office, Tshedimosetso House, cnr Francis Baard and Festival Streets, Hatfield, Pretoria and Ikusasa Building (Ground Floor) cnr Commissioner and Von Brandis Street, Johannesburg.
Awarded to -  Prime African Security
Price – R 6 251 103.66
Term – 36 Months

RFB 007-2022/2023
Description: Terms of reference for GCIS National and International Media Searchable Database
Awarded: Factiva Limited/Dow Jones
Period: Three (3) years
Price:  R896 403,67

RFB Number - RFB 006 2022 2023.
Description: Printing and distribution of the braille version of Vuk’uzenzle- Government newspaper
Awarded: Blind SA
Price: R 4 070 420.40 including VAT
Period:01 December 2022 to 30 November 2025.

RFQ Number - RFQ 003 2022 2023.
Description - GCIS Media monitoring service for selected broadcasting media terms of reference RFQ 003-2022/2023
Awarded - Ornico Group (Pty) Ltd.
Price – R313 467,00.
Period - 14 November 2022 to 13 November 2022

RFQ Number: 005 2022/2023
Description: Rendering of Cleaning and Hygiene Services to Government Communication and Informaiton Sysytems
Awarded: Prime African Security
Price: R663 760.00


Bids awarded in the previous financial years can be found as follows: