Awarded tenders

The following tenders have been awarded.


Bid: RFB 008/2016/2017: Development, Maintenance and Enhancement of Website Content Management Systems (CMS) and Mobile Applications.
Awarded to: Burtronix Cc
Bid extended Period:  23 February – 22 August 2020
Price: R362 250.00

Bid: RFB 010/2016/2017: GCIS Public Sector Manager Magazine
Awarded to: Top Media and Communication
Bid Extended Period: 1 April – 30 June 2020

Participation on Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) Tender: DPME 12/2019-20 Rendering of Security Services to Government Communication and Information System.
Awarded to: Nceda Cleaning and Security Service
Participation Period: 1 January – 30 June 2020
Price: R1 129 530.00

Bid: RFB 001 2019/ 2020: Establishment of a Panel of Communication Training Service Providers.
Bidders/service providers: : 1.Vision Communication, 2.Flow Communication Pty Ltd, 3.Meropa Communication Pty Ltd, 4.Vuma Reputation Management Pty Ltd, 5. Proof Communication Africa. 
Price: Task driven


Bid RFB 008/2018/2019 : Printing and Dispatching of Vuk’uzenzele Government Newspaper
Awarded to: Rising Sun Printers cc
Price (R):
R 67 884 124.00 

Bid: RFB 012 2018/2019: BMS maintenance and support services of the building management system (BMS)    
Awarded to: 
1. Cordev Corporate Marketing and Development Pty Ltd
Price (R): 1 260 000.00

Bid: RFB 007 2018/2019: Rendering of cleaning and hygiene services to GCIS    
Awarded to: 
1. Masana Industrial Services (PTY) Ltd
Price (R): 5 599 785.90

Bid: RFB 009 2018/2019: Printing and Distributin of the Vuk'uzenzele   
Awarded to: Blind SA
Price (R): 4 262 370.00

Bid: RFB 010 2018/2019: GCIS Media Monitoring Search Platform   

Awarded to: 1. Lexis Nexis
Price (R): 3 136 317.36

Bid: RFB 006 2018 2019:  GCIS Subscription to E-Editions of Print Media 
Bidders/service providers:  1. Newspaper Direct
Price (R): 2 593 050.00

Bid:RFB 001 2018 2019 : Acquisition of Software for Data Analysis
Bidders/service providers:  1. Telmar Media Systems
Price (R): R 4 756 611.05 

Bid: RFB 001 2018 2019 Rendering of Security Services to GCIS
Bidders/service providers:  1. Smada Security Services
Price (R): R 3 492 614.40

Bid: RFB 005 2018 2019 : Canteen Services for GCIS
Bidders/service providers:  1. Coordinating Concepts cc.
Price (R): Cash basis 


Bid: RFB 006 2017 2018: Panel of Travel Management Companies
Bidders/service providers: 1. Ultimate Travel 2. XL Aerocity 3. XL Nexus Travel 4. Travel Adventures 5. Munlin Travel 6. Atlantis Corporate Travel 7. Wings Naledi 8. Travel with Flair

Bid: RFB 003 2017/2018: Panel of agencies for procurement of the community print
Bidders/service providers:  1. Mambo Media Co-operatives, 2. Gauteng News, 3. Community Newspaper Initiatives, 4. Channeled Energy, 5. Eastern Province Community Print 6. Mpumalanga Co-operatives, 7. Caxton  

Bid: RFB 005 2017/2018:  Panel of agencies for Media Production and Marketing Services
Bidders/service providers: : 1. Flow Communications Pty Ltd, 2. Cut to Black Media, 3. Havas World Wide Johannesburg, 4. Avatar Agency Pty Ltd , 5. Blue Print Group, 6. EOH , 7. Molibiz Pty Ltd 8. Tsalena Media 9. Black Moon Design and Adevrtising, 10. Black Magic Communications , 11. Coal Stove Holdings

Bid: RFB 007 2017/2018: Panel of Chauffeur Services
Bidders/service providers
: : 1. Eyethu Projects and Transport, 2. Sambeni Trading, 3. Seke Chattered Services, 4. Muhle Pro-Tours , 5. Chumile Travel and Tours, 6. Matome Ramohlale Trading , 7. Kedav Construction/ Kgoalaza (Pty) Ltd and 8. Hlophe Business Enterprise 9. Rekwele Chauffeur drive
Price: Task driven

Bid: RFB 002 2017/2018: Adhoc Research Panel.
Awarded to: 1. Quest Research Services 2. Kutu Intelligence Services Pty Ltd 3. African Response Pty Ltd
Price: Task driven


Bid: RFB 001 2017/2018: Distribution of Vu’kuzenzele newspaper
Awarded to: Media 24 T/A On the Dot
Price (R): 34 066 353.46

Bid: RFB 010 2016/2017: The GCIS Public Sector Manager Magazine for 2017/2020.
Awarded to: Top Media Communications (Pty) Ltd
Price (R): Task Driven

Bid: RFB 011 2016/2017: The printing and delivery of Vuk'uzenzele Government Newspaper for 2017/19.
Awarded to: Paarl Media (Pty) Ltd
Price (R): R63 449 008.98

Bid: RFB 008 2016/2017:  Development, Maintenance and Enhancement of Website Content Management Solution (CMS) and Mobile application
Awarded to: Burtronix Cc
Price (R): R 2 154 600.00

Bid: RFB 009 2016/2017: GCIS Media Monitoring Search Platform 
Awarded to: LexisNexis Pty Ltd
Price (R): R 514 942.56

Bid: RFB 004 2016/2017: Services and tools to monitor content on social media
Awarded to:
Digital  Republic Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Price (R):
 R 957 600.00

Bid: RFB 002 2016/2017: Printing and Distribution of the Braille Version of Vuk'uzenzele Government Newspaper 2016/2019
Awarded to:
Shereno Printers
Price (R): 
R 3 142 822.68

Bid: RFB 006 2016/2017: National and International e-editions of Print Media
Awarded to:
Newspaper Direct
Price (R): 
R 1 439 780.00

Bid: RFB 003 2016/2017: Maintenance and Support Service level Agreement for Audio  & visual equipment including partner Premier renewal for polycom equipment  
Awarded to:
Omega Digital technologies
Price (R):
 R 1 619 434.00



Bid: RFB 006 2016 2017-Establishment of Panel of Agencies for the Procurement of Community Print
Awarded to:
1. Milele Grassroots  Media Pty Ltd 2. Eastern Province Community Print Media 3. Community Newspaper Initiatives 4. Mpumalanga Community Newspaper Co-operatives Limited 5. Capro Pty Ltd 6. Splendid Marketing and Communications
Price: Task driven

Bid: RFB 001 2016/2017: Acquisition of software for data analysis
Awarded to:
Telmar Media System
Price (R):
R 1 865 129.67

Bid: RFB 004 2015/2016: Rendering of catering services to GCIS
Awarded to:
Maureens Catering
Price (R):

Bid: RFB 005 2015/2016: Supply and delivery of newspapers to GCIS
Awarded to:
Ngwane Subscriptions and Books
Price (R): 
R 534 693.12

Bid: RFB 002 2015/2016: Rendering of cleaning and hygiene service for a period of three years to GCIS
Awarded to:
Masana Cleaning Services Pty Ltd
Price (R): 
R 4 897 090.70

Bid:RFB 003 2015/2016: Employee Health and Wellness Services to GCIS
Awarded to:
ICAS Southern Africa
Price (R): 
R 1 395 945


Bid: RFB 009 2014/2015: Distribution service provider for all GCIS produced products focusing more towards the national, monthly distribution of the Government Newspaper, Vuk’uzenzele
Awarded to:
Media 24 (Pty) Ltd T/A On the Dot
Price (R):
R 25 751 364.00

Bid: RFB 011 2014/2015: Assess the communication environment and the communication / information needs of South African public
Awarded to:
Ask Afrika
Price (R):
R 15 150  000.00

Bid: RFQ 015 2014/2015: The establishment of a panel of chauffeur services
Awarded to:
Rekwele Chauffeur Service, Mothlodi Transport and Projects, Muhle Pro-Tours and Projects, Sambeni Trading Enterprise, Matome Ramohale Trading, Rencho Transport and Logistics and Staitai Shuttle and Projects
Price (R):
Task Driven

Bid: RFQ 015 2014/2015: Specification for GCIS Monitoring and International E-edition of prints media
Awarded to:
Price (R):
R 797 200.00

Bid: RFB 005 2014/2015: The establishment of a panel of agencies for Media Production and Marketing.
Awarded to:
Havas Worldwide, Mortimer Harvey, The Switch Design , Cut To Black, Tsalena Media, EOH Mthombo, Busi Nthuli Communications , C-Squared Consumer Connectedness, Black Magic Consulting
Price (R):
Task driven

Bid: RFB 004 2014/2015: Specification for rendering of security service to DoC Head Office.
Awarded to:
Mafoko Security Patrols Pty Ltd
Price (R):
R10 201 679.95

Bid: RFB 008 2014/2015: Bid specifications for the printing of Vuk’uzenzele - government newspaper
Awarded to:
Paarl Media
Price (R):
R20 059 404.00 (for 24 pages Financial year 2015/16); R21 262 968.24 (for 24 pages Financial year 2016/17);  R13 372 935.96 (for 16 pages Financial year 2015/16);  R14 175 312.12 (for 16 pages Financial year 2016/17)

Bid: RFB 007 2014/2015: Bid specifications for the printing and distribution of the Braille version of Vuk’uzenzele – government newspaper
Awarded to:
Shereno Printers
Price (R):
R1 477 440.00 (for 24 pages)

Bid: RFB 006 2014/2015: Specification upgrade and extend SharePoint as the DoC Extranet, enhance, support and maintenance of DoC enterprise content management solution.
Awarded to:
Exponant Pty Ltd
Price (R): R3 595 324.85

Bid: RFB 002 2014/2015 The establishment of a panel of legal experts.
Awarded to:
Werksmans Attorneys, Malebye Motaung Mtembu Inc, Gildenhuys Malatjie Inc, Marivate Attorneys, Diale Mogashoa Inc Attorneys, Moothle Jooma Sabdia, and Masephule Dinga Inc.
Price (R):
Task Driven

Bid: GCIS 001 2014/2015 GCIS Public Sector Magazine and GovComm Newsletter
Awarded to:
Top Media and Communications Pty Ltd
Price (R):
Task Driven


Bid: GCIS 004 2013/2014: Specification for acquisition of software for data analysis
Awarded to: Telmar Media System Pty Ltd
Price (R): R1 039 680.00

Bid: GCIS 003 2013 2014: Specification for appointment of a panel of service providers to conduct qualitative research
Awarded to: 1. Mthenthe Research and Consulting Service Pty Ltd; 2. Ground Control Research Pty Ltd; 3. Quest Research Services
Price (R): Task Driven


Bid: GCIS 001 2013/2014: Rendering of cleaning service for a period of twenty-four (24) months & Hygiene service for a period of seventeen (17) months to GCIS head office
Awarded to: Rams Garden and Cleaning Service
Price (R): R2 644 695.67

Bids awarded in the previous financial years can be found as follows: