Awarded bids 2007/2008

The following bids have been awarded during the 2007/2008 financial year:


Bid  Service item required Awarded to Price (R)
022/2007/08 National qualitative research to assess communication environment, awareness and public perceptions on government’s long-term programmes and communication initiatives Back to Basics 839 997.60
019/2007/08 Appointment of distribution agency for distribution of Vuk’uzenzele government magazine nationwide Primedia@Home 16 305 281.50
018/2007/08  Appointment of distribution agency for home direct (knock-and-drop) distribution of government information products nationwide Primedia@Home open
017/2007/08  Appointment of service provider to handle bulk deliveries of government information products to distribution outlets nationwide Primedia@Home open
015/2007/08 Research review of the government-wide communication system Ask Afrika 1 421 143.00
014/2007/08 Acquisition for software for data analysis Telmar Media Systems 647 816.40
013/2007/08  Dept of Home Affairs - Turnaround Campaign  Chillibush Communications (Pty) Ltd open
012/2007/08  Continuous quantitative tracking research to assess communication environment and communication/information needs of South African public  TNS Research Surveys    7 745 435.00
011/2007/08 Electronic content management system for 2010 World Cup government website Gijima Ast 493 164.00
010/2007/08 Assessment of impact of recent industrial action by public service unions TNS Research Survey 3 076 404.00
009/2007/08 Assessment of school users’ satisfaction and needs on South Africa Yearbook TNS Research Surveys 300 000.00
008/2007/08    Printing of 2007/08 South African Yearbook and Pocket Guide to South Africa Formeset 2 500 333.00
for the first year
007/2007/08 Development/production, translations, printing and distribution of fublication on Second Economy initiatives of South African Government  Educational Support Services Trust 3 998 670.00
004/2007/08 Training of learners on National Certificate in Marketing Communications: NQF Level 4 KLM Empowered 210 900.00
003/2007/08 Assessing impact and people’s perceptions of Izimbizo held in various provinces of South Africa 2005-2007  Back to Basics 725 000.00
002/2007/08 2010 World Cup - International Communication Research   African Response 4 977 632.00
001/2007/08    Government Communicators' Awards gala event Village Exhibitions and Events 449 525.94

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