Awarded bids 2005/2006

The following bids have been awarded during the 2005/2006 financial year:


Bid Service item required Awarded to Price (R)
034/2005/06 Training of learners on National Certificate in Marketing Communications: NQF Level 4 AAA School of Advertising 267 500.00
033/2005/06   Printing of 2006/07 South Africa Yearbook, Pocket Guide to South Africa Formeset 2 390 470.05
032/2005/06 Design, layout, marketing and retail of 2006/07 South Africa Yearbook, Pocket Guide to South Africa and production of multimedia CD-ROM Graphicor 500 000.00
031/2005/06  Appointment of agent for handling of recruitment advertisement for GCIS Human Communications Open
030/2005/06 Maintainance, support and development of GCIS intranet infrastructure and applications Ntier Software Services 1 203 840.00
027/2005/06  Site specifications for rendering of security services to GCIS Midtown Building Hlanganani Protection Services 1 685 613.84
026/2005/06  Dept of Water Affairs: Free Basic Water Campaign: Public Relations Ukhozi Productions 6 000 000.00
025/2005/06 National qualitative research to assess communication environment, awareness and public perceptions on government’s long-term programmes and communication initiatives Kutu Consulting 817 423.00
024/2005/06 Appointment of distribution agency for home direct (knock-and-drop) distribution of government information products nationwide Primedia @ Home Open
023/2005/06 Appointment of service provider to handle bulk delivery of government information products to distribution outlets nationwide Crossroads Distributors Open
020/2005/06 Dept of Public Works: Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Expanded Public Works Programme: Phase III Magna Carta Public Relations (Public Relations)
O'Brian Marketing Pty Ltd (Advertising)
Task Driven
019/2005/06 Dept of Home Affairs campaign: Refugee Backlog Campaign, Advertising Dlamini Weil 2 988 000.00
018/2005/06 Dept of Home Affairs campaign: Refugee Backlog Campaign, Public Relations Media Active 4 900 000.00
015/2005/06 Continuous quantitative tacking research to assess communication environment and communication/ information needs of South African public Research Surveys 6 959 928.00
014/2005/06 Development/production, printing and distribution of phase II of communication campaign on economic opportunities created by programmes of South African Governmen Educational Support Service Trust 3 987 000.00
011/2005/06 Appointment of agency for distribution of government magazine nationwide Media 24 t/a NLD 24 1 276 743.00
010/2005/06 Supply of DVcam Camera & Accessories; DV Digital Cassette Recorder and Beta Compact Players Edugain 778 624.00

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