Awarded bids 2004/2005

The following bids have been awarded during the 2004/2005 financial year:


Bid Service item required Awarded to Price (R)
023/2004/05  Assessing of communication environment, awareness and public perceptions of Department of Correctional Services Citizen Surveys 300 000.00
022/2004/05 National qualitative research to assess communication environment, awareness and public perception on government’s long-term programmes and communication iInitiatives Citizen Surveys 819 888.00
019/2004/05 Printing of South African Government Directory of Contacts, Media Directory and Profile Poelano Printers 162 841.02
010/2004/05 Acquisition of software for data analysis Telmar Media Systems (Pty) Ltd 229 003.20
009/2004/05 Provisioning and delivering of newspapers Vetiver Trading 259 cc 415 837.20
007/2004/05 Library security system 3M South Africa 150 133.10
006/2004/05 Publication and distribution of 2004/2005 South African Yearbook, including design and layout, printing, marketing and distribution STE Publishers Open
005/2004/05 Acquisition, implementation, maintenance and support of enterprise-wide risk management software and internal audit electronic working papers Price Waterhouse Coopers   234 982.50

Bids awarded in the other financial years can be found as follows: