Newsletters & magazines

  • My District Today is a newsletter sharing information from the coalface and shows with pride what is happening in the districts in terms of government's delivery on its Programme of Action. It offers a platform to celebrate daily events detailing how government and communities are making headway in eradicating poverty and underdevelopment; and highlights areas where acts of service excellence and achievement against many odds are realised.
  • Public Sector Manager. A magazine communicating with a strategic component of government’s target audiences – senior public sector managers. The magazine aims to help the managers and their departments or agencies to improve the quality of the services they provide by reporting on management innovations and best practices within the public sector.
  • A South African government news service providing the public locally and abroad with easy access to fresh government news and information, at no cost.
  • Vuk'uzenzele. A government newspaper focusing on information and news about government programmes. Among other things, it also features news on youth matters, job creation, careers and skills development, international relations, events, advice and sport and recreation.