Awarded bids 2012/2013

The following bids have been awarded.


Bid: GCIS 015 2012/2013 Monthly distribution of the government newspaper, Vuk’uzenzele
Awarded to: Bongani Rainmaker
Price (R): R979 650.00 per edition


Bid: GCIS 014 2012 2013 Addition to the current GCIS panel of chauffeur services
Awarded to: 1. Sizwe Car Rental; 2. Sambeni Trading Enterprise; 4. Muhle Pro-Tours and Projects; 5. Gantha Family Business; 6. Rekwele Chauffeur Drive CC; 7. Matome Ramohlale Trading Enterprise; 8. Staitai Shuttle
Price (R): Task Driven


Bid: GCIS 012 2012/2013 Executive coaching for senior managers as part of the GCIS management development programme
Awarded to: Orion Coach House
Price (R): R346 500.00


Bid: GCIS 013 2012/2013 Development of a content management solution (CMS) for the South Africa Government online and South African Government services website.
Awarded to: eConsultant
Price (R): R2 738 000.00


Bid: GCIS 011 2012/2013 Printing of Vukuzenzele government newspapers for 2013/14 and 2014/15
Awarded to: CTP Limited
Price (R): R37 645 099.33


Bid: GCIS 010 2012/2013 Printing and distribution Braille version of Vuk’uzenzele government newspaper for 2013/14 and 2014/15
Awarded to: Shereno Printers
Price (R): R1 227 027.60


Bid: GCIS 009 2012 2013 Design of Communications Course: A certificate in Government Communication for all Government Communicators.
Awarded to: Business Enterprise
Price (R): R699 504.00


Bid: GCIS 008 2012 2013 Employee Wellness programme for GCIS
Awarded to: ICASA Employee and Organization Enhancement Service SA
Price (R): R656 480.40


Bid: GCIS 007 2012 2013 Annual National Qualitative Research
Awarded to: Quest Research Services
Price (R): R1 352 678.40


Bid: GCIS 006 2012/2013 Printing and distribution of 2012/13  and 2013/14 Pocket Guide to South Africa
Awarded to: Paarl Media(Pty) Ltd
Price (R): R591 265.20


Bid: GCIS 005 2012 2013 Supply, installation and commissioning of furniture for the new GCIS head office
Awarded to: Impumelelo Business Furniture
Price (R): R16 703 503.44


Bid: GCIS 004 2012 2013 Establishment of a database of chauffeur services
Awarded to: 1. Miyelani Transport and Tourism; 2. Masase Transfer and Tours CC; 3. Josh Explorer Tours; 4. Rencho Transport and Logistics; 5. Puno Thuo Shuttle Services
Price (R): Task Driven


Bid: GCIS 003 2012 2013 Rendering of security service to GCIS Midtown building, corner Madiba and Sisulu Street, Pretoria
Awarded to: Eldna Security Services
Price (R): R2 999 664.00


Bid: GCIS 002 2012 2013 Continuous Quantitative Research to assess the communication environment and the communications information needs of the South African public.
Awarded to: Citizen Survey Pty Ltd
Price (R): R12 523 683.14


Bid: GCIS 001 2012 2013 Establishment of panel of legal expert
Awarded to: 1. Ashira Legal Expert; 2. Mabuela Incorporated; 3. Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyer Incorporated; 4. Masephule Dinga Commercial Attorneys; 5. Mothle Jooma Sabdia Incorporated
Price (R): Task Driven


Bids awarded in the previous financial years can be found as follows: