Awarded bids 2015/2016

The following bids have been awarded.

Bid: RFB 006 2016 2017-Establishment of Panel of Agencies for the Procurement of Community Print
Awarded to: 1. Milele Grassroots  Media Pty Ltd 2. Eastern Province Community Print Media 3. Community Newspaper Initiatives 4. Mpumalanga Community Newspaper Co-operatives Limited 5. Capro Pty Ltd 6. Splendid Marketing and Communications
Price: Task driven

Bid: RFB 001 2016/2017: Acquisition of software for data analysis
Awarded to: Telmar Media System
Price (R):R 1 865 129.67

Bid: RFB 004 2015/2016: Rendering of catering services to GCIS
Awarded to: Maureens Catering
Price (R):None

Bid: RFB 005 2015/2016: Supply and delivery of newspapers to GCIS
Awarded to: Ngwane Subscriptions and Books
Price (R): R 534 693.12

Bid: RFB 002 2015/2016: Rendering of cleaning and hygiene service for a period of three years to GCIS
Awarded to: Masana Cleaning Services Pty Ltd
Price (R): R 4 897 090.70

Bid: RFB 003 2015/2016: Employee Health and Wellness Services to GCIS
Awarded to: ICAS Southern Africa
Price (R): R 1 395 945


Bids awarded in the previous financial years can be found as follows: