Awarded bids 2016/2017

The following bids have been awarded.

Bid: RFB 001 2017/2018: Distribution of Vu’kuzenzele newspaper. 
Awarded to: Media 24 T/A On the Dot
Price (R): 34 066 353.46

Bid: RFB 010 2016/2017: The GCIS Public Sector Manager Magazine for 2017/2020.
Awarded to: Top Media Communications (Pty) Ltd
Price (R): Task Driven

Bid: RFB 011 2016/2017: The printing and delivery of Vuk'uzenzele Government Newspaper for 2017/19.
Awarded to: Paarl Media (Pty) Ltd
Price (R): R63 449 008.98

Bid: RFB 008 2016/2017:  Development, Maintenance and Enhancement of Website Content Management Solution (CMS) and Mobile application
Awarded to: Burtronix Cc
Price (R): R 2 154 600.00

Bid: RFB 009 2016/2017: GCIS Media Monitoring Search Platform 
Awarded to: LexisNexis Pty Ltd
Price (R): R 514 942.56

Bid: RFB 004 2016/2017: Services and tools to monitor content on social media
Awarded to: Digital  Republic Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Price (R): R 957 600.00

Bid: RFB 002 2016/2017: Printing and Distribution of the Braille Version of Vuk'uzenzele Government Newspaper 2016/2019
Awarded to: Shereno Printers
Price (R): R 3 142 822.68

Bid: RFB 006 2016/2017: National and International e-editions of Print Media
Awarded to: Newspaper Direct
Price (R): R 1 439 780.00

Bid: RFB 003 2016/2017: Maintenance and Support Service level Agreement for Audio  & visual equipment including partner Premier renewal for polycom equipment  
Awarded to: Omega Digital technologies
Price (R): R 1 619 434.00


Bids awarded in the previous financial years can be found as follows: