Communication & information support services for government

Complete the CSA Briefing Document [PDF] 303 kb to request assistance with advertising and media placement and send it to:


Traffic Office
For attention: Este Koorts
Tel: 012 473 0077

If you want to apply for or enquire about one specific service, you will find contact information or an online request form at the description of the specific service listed below.



Advertising and media placement

The GCIS assists government departments with media planning and the placement and flighting of advertisements in print, electronic and outdoor media.

The Chief Directorate: Communication Service Agency can assists departments and state owned entities with:

  • agency appointment and management for advertising and public relations campaigns
  • securing savings for government through centralised media buying.
  • Distribution projects.
  • Management of the Corporate Identity

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Guide to media buying at the GCIS [PDF] 274 kb


Communication research

Quantitative, qualitative or desk research (or a combination of various research methodologies) is conducted, usually through outsourcing to private research companies. Government bidding procedures are followed.

Staff of the Directorate: Research is involved in the different phases of the research process (e.g. drafting the research brief or designing the research instrument) and the management of research projects (e.g. bid procedure and liaison with service-providers). The objective of these research projects is to ensure that government understands the communication environment and the information needs of the public based on scientific research.

The directorate renders research advice to government clients. This entails advice and assistance with regard to the compilation of research proposals (background to research, research problem, aim and objectives, methodology, sample, deadlines, costing), evaluation of bid documents, recommendation of service-providers, designing of research instruments, field oversight ,data interpretation and recommendations.

Complete the Research request form to request research services, and submit it online or return it to:

Tel: 012 473 0218


Corporate identity management

The Communication Service Agency provides ad hoc assistance to departments/ministries with the implementation of government's corporate identity.

Corporate identity guidelines for government were developed to assist government departments/ministries in the implementation and management thereof. A Corporate Identity Manual is available.

Ms Lynette Rippel
Tel: 012 473 0159


Design and exhibitions

The Subdirectorate: Design develops, produces and manages products for campaigns identified by clients, including outsourced products for government campaigns.

A creative team of designers develops briefs for products of transversal campaigns, including government information waves and public participation events. It produces, or facilitates through outsourcing, the production of:

  • print adverts
  • billboard adverts
  • pamphlets, leaflets, publications and other promotional material
  • posters
  • exhibition panels
  • multimedia projects.

An exhibition support service and consultancy is provided to government departments and The Presidency.



Contact Directory (online database of contact information and profiles)

The GCIS maintains an online database of contact information for government structures and bodies, including national provincial and local departments, state-owned entities as well as foreign representatives in South Africa, media organisations, and a selection of other institutions such as Chapter 9 institutions (established by the Constitution) and development institutions such as the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

The database also contains a collection of brief profiles of the President, Deputy President, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, parliamentary office bearers, provincial premiers and some former government leaders.

This online directory can be accessed on:

For input, feedback and enquiries, contact:
Electronic Information Resources
Tel: 012 473 0078


Distribution of government statements and documents

The Directorate: Media Engagement distributes government statements and speeches to the media, South African embassies and high commissions abroad and Parliament.



Distribution services

The Directorate: Distribution is responsible for the distribution of GCIS print information products, most notably the Vuk’uzenzele newspaper and the GCIS Annual Report.

Ms Nicolette Prinsloo
Tel: 012 473 0203


Lead and plan briefings to the media

The Directorate: Media Engagement develops relationships with international media and arranges briefings for the media when required including Programme of Action briefings.



Media engagement support

The Directorate: Media Engagement ensures a professional and accessible media support service for government by arranging regular press events, briefings and media opportunities.

Media liaison support, and particularly media management support, is rendered for all government-related activities. This support includes:

  • developing and implementing communication strategies
  • oganising media briefings
  • drafting and issuing press statements
  • coordinationg media interview on behalf of departments

The Parliamentary Office and the Information Resource Centre at Parliament provide media liaison services and an outlet for information resources and products.

Ms Liezil Cerf
Tel: 021 461 8143
Fax: 021 461 1446


Media monitoring

The sub-directorate Communication Centre monitors national and international print, broadcast and online media coverage in order to provide the following services and products:

  • selected press clippings 
  • regular and ad-hoc media coverage reports

These products and services are rendered to government departments.

Ms Annalie Language
Tel: 012 473 0018


Photographic services

The Subdirectorate: Photography undertakes photographic assignments for government departments on request.

The photo library has over 100 000 images consisting of government activities, such as public participation events and government's Programme of Action as well as general scenery pictures of South Africa and its people. All official photographs of Cabinet ministers, MECs and other high-ranking government officials are stored in the photo library.

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Radio production

The Communication Service Agency produces radio productions on request. It facilitates the creative brief for the development of radio products assists, government departments in obtaining quotations for radio productions and liaises with the community radio sector on behalf of government clients.

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Video production

The Video Unit provides:

  • a production service for video programmes to government clients
  • duplication facilities
  • the facilitation of service-providers for script-writing, voice-overs, musicians, designers, etc.

The GCIS also sells archival material/stock footage from all videos and films produced by the GCIS or to which the GCIS holds the copyright, and renders a video library service.

Government departments are also assisted in obtaining quotations for video productions.

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Website support

Electronic Information Resources (EIR) provides the following services to government departments:

  • Updating, maintaining and improving the South Africa Government Online website ( Government departments or provinces may request the GCIS to post specific information and documents on the website, link to their websites or information, and announce prominent events, programmes, press conferences, conferences, seminars and special days.
  • Advising government departments on developing, maintaining and updating websites. This service is provided irrespective of whether you develop a site in-house or utilises a consultant. Advice is offered on website best practices, website planning, website content, organising and structuring information or design and layout of websites and web pages.
  • Evaluating/auditing websites. The implementation of a new website or the upgrading, enlarging or redesigning of an existing website is often preceded by an evaluation thereof. The GCIS offers this service to clients who already have websites, or when it is required as part of the website development process. The GCIS will provide an evaluation report and recommendations to the client. The scope of the evaluation and report will be based on the client’s needs.

To request website advice , contact:

Ms Estelle Greeff
Tel: 012 473 0078



To request website support:

  • Provide the GCIS with a formal request for the service/s that you require.
  • Provide the GCIS with your requirements. (The GCIS may request a meeting to clarify needs.)
  • Deadlines and scope of services rendered will be determined in consultation . Factors that will influence this include your needs, the scope of the request, and the programme /commitments /capacity of the web team.
  • When you request website evaluation services you will have to:

1.    provide the web team with electronic access to your website
2.    keep the site stable during the evaluation period.