Policy and Research

Chief Director
Tasneem Carrim 
Tel: 012 473 0298
Email: tasneem@gcis.gov.za

The purpose of the chief directorate is to conduct research to assess how government should inform the public communication needs, and monitor media coverage of government programmes from a communication perspective.

The Chief Director's responsibilities and functions include:

  • member of the Government Communication and Information System, a strategising body chaired by the Director-General;
  • managing the sections in the chief directorate;
  • overall budget and personnel in the chief directorate;
  • acting as a programme manager; and 
  • providing strategic direction to the chief directorate.

Policy and Research comprises the following directorates:

Directorate: Communication Resource Centre (CRC)

Director: Gill Price
Tel: 012 473 0097

The directorate’s main purpose is the monitoring of national and international media coverage affecting government and the country, as well as the development of key messages and communication content.

The CRC's main responsibilities include:

  • monitoring of national and international media coverage affecting government and the country;
  • providing regular and issue-based national and international media coverage reports;
  • providing a clipping service of selected national and regional newspapers;
  • alerting internal and external stakeholders of news in national and international media affecting government and the country;
  • developing key messaging on government priority areas and campaigns; and
  • developing communication content.

For media monitoring requirements contact:

Subdirectorate: Communication Centre
Deputy Director: Annalie Language

Tel: 012 473 0018
Email: annalie@gcis.gov.za

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Directorate: Government Communication Monitoring and Evaluation (GCME)

Director: Nkele Sebasa
Tel: 012 473 0207
Email: nkele@gcis.gov.za

The purpose of the Directorate: Government Communication Monitoring and Evaluation is to monitor and evaluate the government communication system with the aim of improving the effectiveness of government communication activities.

Government Communication Monitoring and Evaluation is further responsible for:

  • Analysing media coverage of government key priorities;
  • Collating departmental inputs for the State of the Nation Address; and 
  • Drafting the Government Communication Policy.


Ms Suzette van der Westhuizen
Tel: 012 473 0294
Email: suzette@gcis.gov.za

Ms Keamogetse Kgomanyane
Tel: 012 473 0163
Email: Keamogetse@gcis.gov.za

Mr Brite Nemaranzhe
Tel: 012 473 0040
Email: Brite@gcis.gov.za

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Directorate: Research and Knowledge Management (R&KM)

Director: Dr Ntombifuthi Nala
Tel: 012 473 0218
Email: ntombifuthi@gcis.gov.za

The purpose of this directorate is to conduct public opinion research and to provide a knowledge management service in order to enhance effective government communication.

The Directorate is responsible for:

  • ongoing research to assess the communication environment, both in general and for specific communication campaigns/projects;
  • research to assess the impact of government communication efforts;
  • ongoing research to ascertain communication preferences and information needs of the South African public;
  • enhancing access to communication research (distribution of research results, promoting buy-in into the GCIS's quantitative tracking research and syndicated projects conducted by private research houses);
  • providing research advice to internal and external government clients;
  • providing a knowledge management and information service; and
  • providing a departmental library service.

For research contact:
Ms Kopo Lehobye
Tel: 012 473 0140
Email: kopo@gcis.gov.za

For enquiries regarding knowledge management and library service contact:
Ms Joanne Cornelissen
Tel: 012 473 0114
Email: joanne@gcis.gov.za