Communication Service Agency

Chief Director
Neli Shuping
Tel: 012 473 0042

The purpose of this chief directorate is to provide consolidated media buying services and advertising media production for the entire national government, in order to ensure coherent, responsive and cost effective communication for government programmes.

The chief directorate works closely with internal communication and content management services, government and stakeholder engagement.

The chief directorate comprises the following programmes:

  • Marketing and Distribution manages and drives the distribution strategy of products produced for dissemination to the public and market GCIS products and platforms.
  • Media Production provides graphic design and desktop publishing competency, produces videos and documentaries, photographic services, as well as radio production and content broadcasting.
  • Corporate Identity provides professional advice regarding corporate identity (Coat of Arms) to internal and external stakeholders
  • Media Buying provides media planning, buying and campaign coordination for government communication programmes, the GCIS itself, and other government agencies.

Directorate: Marketing and Distribution

Director: Nicolette Prinsloo
Tel: 012 473 0203

Deputy Director: Eugene Mametse
Tel: 012 473 0265

The purpose of this directorate is to manage and drive the distribution strategy of products produced by the GCIS for dissemination to the public and to market GCIS products and platforms.  

Marketing and Distribution is responsible for:

  • effective and efficient distribution of government communication products to selected distribution platforms
  • managing distribution service providers
  • marketing GCIS products and platforms.

Directorate: Media Production

Acting Director: Eben Carstens

Tel: 012 473 0066

Media Production provides the following services to government departments and agencies:

  • Development of campaign logos, stationery, leaflets, booklets, posters and certificates. Government departments and provinces may request the design of print adverts (including tenders, notices, and recruitment), online display adverts, billboards, and event banners.
  • Development of audio-visual communication material including television inserts, documentaries, features, and commercials. The GCIS is also the custodian of government archival material, and provides duplication of footage on request.
  • Provision of photographic services including official portraits and archival support.
  • Development and production of radio adverts, jingles, features, dramas, studio interviews, and podcasts. The GCIS also has outside broadcast capabilities, and language translation services.
  • In collaboration with the MDDA, the GCIS provides broadcast coordination and content for community radio stations and television channels.

Subdirectorate: Corporate Identity
Deputy Director: Lynette Rippel
Tel: 012 473 0159

Corporate Identity is responsible for:

  • providing professional advice regarding corporate identity (Coat of Arms) to internal and external stakeholders
  • effective monitoring and control with respect to the application of corporate identity guidelines developed by government
  • well-informed stakeholders.

Directorate: Media Buying

Director: Ace Mlisa
Tel: 012 473 0287

Media Buying provides the following services to government departments and agencies:

  • Develops media plans that utilise the most appropriate media platforms to communicate government programmes, based on audience insights and media research. Media channels utilised include online, cinema, television, radio, print, outdoor and experiential channels.
  • Media space procurement at optimal price and placement, locally and abroad. The GCIS leverages the combined buying capacity of government communicators to negotiate the best possible value.
  • Provides media campaign auditing and verification, as well as post-campaign evaluation and recommendations to clients.

These services are provided irrespective of whether clients have internal competency, or utilise external consultants.

To request advertising and media buying services complete the CSA Briefing Document [PDF] 303 kb and contact:

Este Koorts
Tel: 012 473 0077