Communications 2000 (Comtask Report): Brief for Task Group on Government Communications


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1. The Task Group should review:

  1. existing government communication policy at national, provincial and local level

         2. existing government communication structures and facilities at national, provincial and local level

         3. relationships between government communication functions at national, provincial and local level
         4. existing government budgets with special reference to personnell, operations and equipment
         5. relationships between government communication structures and non-governmental information providers
         6. government communication training and capacity-building with special emphasis on affirmative action
         7. ownership and control of South African media and to interpret how these affect government communication

  1. The Task Group should define existing information delivery mechanisms.
  2. The Task Group should examine international communication functions with special emphasis on information dissemination.
  3. The Task Group should do research on government communication policies, functions and structures in other democracies, with special emphasis on developing countries.
  4. The Task Group should make recommendations on new government communication policy, functions, structures, personnnel and budget at international, national, provincial and local level.

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