Communications 2000 (Comtask Report): Implementation timetable


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Suggested timetable for implementation

The following is a proposed timetable for key steps in the implementation of the recommendations:

Jan '97
  • launch of Departmental co-ordinating Structure under Presidency and commencement of weekly post-Cabinet debriefing
  • commencement or consultations with Minister of Public Administration and Public Service Commission on rankings/professional stream
  • release of report and submission to Parliament
  • establishment of Cabinet Committee on Information Economy
  • appointment of Communications 2000 Committee
  • assessment of transitional communications budget for FY 1997/98
  • approval of GCIS positions within Presidency
  • initial meeting to establish provincial/national co-ordinating structure
  • initiation of audit of existing services and delineation of SACS functions to be carried forward into CSA
  • elaboration and development of CSA organogram, personnel and operations
  • report to Cabinet Committee by DFA on integrated information strategy for international marketing/promotion
  • appointment of GCIS staff in Presidency (Head, Head of CSA, Provincial Liaison, Chief Spokesperson)
  • commencement of national skill audit
  • creation of CSA
  • launch of government homepage in Internet
  • deadline for implementation of new departmental structures appointment of Head of Communications and budget system
  • national meeting on training programmes
  • launch of development information service under CSA
  • closure of SACS
  • launch of bulk buying system for government adverts under CSA
  • deadline for all departments to join government Homepage
  • establishment of Media Development Agency (MDA)
January '98
  • creation of professional stream within Public Service
December '98
  • deadline for implementation of new government 'corporate identity' at all levels of government
  • completion of Communications 2000 Committee mandate


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