Communications 2000 (Comtask Report): List of annexures


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Annexure 1 Questionnaires sent to Ministries, Departments and Provinces
Annexure 2 Communicating Government: Government coverage in the media: 1 April 1996 - 23 June 1996: Media Monitoring Project
Annexure 3 Patterns of Ownership and Control of the South African Media
Annexure 4 Reports of International Visits
Annexure 5 Discussion document for a meeting with representatives from the Department of Foreign Affairs
Annexure 6 List of censorship legislation identified by the Freedom of Expression Institute
Annexure 7 Analysis of the questionnaires sent to Ministries, Departments and Provinces
Annexure 8 Submission by Media Liaison Officers Forum.
Annexure 9 Report of meeting with Departmental Liaison Forum.
Annexure 10 Submission by the Provincial Government Communications Forum
Annexure 11 Submission by SACS
Annexure 12 Media in the Sunshine: The establishment of a Media and Development Agency: Submission by the National Community Media Forum
Annexure 13 AAA proposals to Comtask
Annexure 14 Remarks to Comtask on Ownership of the Press: Prof Guy Berger (Rhodes University)
Annexure 15 Submission by the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism: Allister Sparks (Executive Director)
Annexure 16 The international exchange of information and increasing efficiency through shared knowledge in government communications: Kate Wild (International Development Research Centre)
Annexure 17 Department of Foreign Affairs Survey of Missions
Annexure 18 Submission on Print Media Distribution: KMM Investments
Annexure 19 ANC Technology Unit submission.
Annexure 20 Presentation by the Disabled People's Forum and the Department of Health
Annexure 21 Opinion on copyright on public documents: Jonathan Klaaren
Annexure 22  Opinion on provincial powers in respect of policy matters: Jonathan Klaaren.
Annexure 23  Government spending on Communications.


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