Corporate Services

Acting Deputy Director-General
Terry Vandayar
Tel: 012 473 0304

Corporate Services Provide strategic leadership, management and support services to the department

The functions of the Branch are:

  • Provide effective strategic leadership and management to the Branch: Corporate Services to the Department. 
  • Ensures and oversee that all Chief Directorates and Directorates reporting under Corporate Services provides adequate support to the Department in line with its mandate, vision and mission. 
  • Lead and manage the following Chief Directorates and Directorates: Human Resources, Strategic Planning and Performance Management, Information Management & Technology, Office of the Chief Financial Officer and Legal Services. 
  • The Head of this Branch must also deputies for the Director-General in providing leadership in Government communication. 
  • Develop and implement various strategies and policies to improve service delivery within and outside the department, including capacity of the organisation to cope with change. 
  • Co-ordinates the planning and implementation of strategies and policies aimed at improving service delivery. 
  • Ensures that structures and governance processes are in place and aligned to achieve the strategic objectives of the Department. 
  • Ensure compliance of the Branch and the Department at large with general Government regulatory legislation and framework applicable to the work of the Chief Directorate and Directorates reporting under the Branch: Corporate Services. 

The branch comprises the following chief directorates: