The Government Communication and Informion System’s (GCIS's) Supply Chain Management and Facilities Management manages all procurement activities for products and services required by the organisation. The GCIS publishes all available tender/bid opportunities above ZAR 500 000 to our website.  Received tendes/bids are rated on merit following strict evaluation procedures.  Once a tender/bid has been awarded, the names of successful bidding companies are also published.

What is a bid or tender?

A bid (referred to as a ‘tender’ pre-2004) is an offer to provide goods or services at a fixed price.  Managing the receipt of goods and services is known as 'procurement'.  When the GCIS publishes a bid advertisement, we are requesting quotations (and proposals) from the public for delivery of said goods/services.

The bid process ensures that all products and services supplied to government are awarded in a fair and transparent manner. We are bound by regulations e.g. Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) [PDF] 647 kb and the GCIS Procurement Policy [PDF] 88 kb, which guides government on selecting bids.

Once we accept a bid, it is binding on both parties. This means that the person or company that won has to provide the goods or services in the manner agreed to and at the price offered. Government must pay the agreed price at the agreed time. In other words, once accepted, a bid is a binding contract.