Finance, Supply Chain & Auxiliary Services

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 
Gcobisa Soci
Tel: 012 473 0336

The purpose of the Chief Directorate is to provide for the strategic leadership in financial administration and supply chain management.

Finance, Supply Chain and Auxiliary Services is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Public Finance Management Act, 1999 [PDF] 647 kb, the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act, 2000 [PDF] 86 kb, the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act, 1993 [PDF] 114 kb and Management Information Security Standards (MISS).

The functions of the CFO are:

  • providing overall financial management
  • assisting and guiding senior management (Government Communication and Information System's Manco) with issues such as:
    • budget planning and management
    • financial management and administration
    • provisioning and procurement (supply chain management, contracts)
    • facilities management, including security.

Finance, Supply Chain and Auxiliary Services comprises the following programmes:


Directorate: Financial Management

Director: Hennie Bekker
Tel: 012 473 0099

The purpose of Finance is to provide financial administration and budget management for the department.

The functions of Finance are:

  • budgetary planning and management (Medium Term Expenditure Framework [MTEF], Estimates of National Expenditure [ENE], Budget Committee, virement, expenditure reporting and monthly projections)
  • financial management and administration (salaries, bookkeeping, subsistence and travel, transport, petty cash, departmental projects, switchboard)
  • financial year closing
  • drafting of interim and annual financial statements.

Finance comprises the following sub-directorates:

Subdirectorate: Budget Office

Deputy Director: Kedibone Matlala
Tel: 012 473 0127

The functions of the Budget Office are budget planning and control, which include, among others:

  • budget administration
  • monthly projections
  • roll-over of funds
  • cash-flow projections
  • virement
  • expenditure monitoring
  • draft financial reports for budget committee
  • MTEF
  • adjustments budget
  • ENE
  • compile the appropriation statement for the annual financial statements.

Subdirectorate: Financial Administration

Deputy Director: Eutychus Sebati
Tel: 012 473-0082

The functions of Financial Administration are:

  • salary administration
  • departmental debt
  • taxation
  • payment of allowances
  • travel and subsistence
  • subsidised transport
  • driver services
  • Government Garage (GG) transport
  • theft and losses
  • bookkeeping
  • petty cash
  • reconciliation of departmental projects
  • switchboard
  • draft financial policies.
  • do monthly and financial year closing procedures.
  • draft interm and annual financial statements

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Directorate: Supply Chain Management

Director: Midah Moreroa
Tel: 012 473 0185

The purpose of the directorate is to provide for procurement services and asset management control, and to manage the property to ensure a conducive working environment for the staff.

Deputy Director: George Storey
Tel: 012 473 0093

The functions of the Supply Chain Management are:

  • bid and contract administration:
    • inputs to task directives
    • advertising bids
    • bid management
  • supply chain management:
    • providing guidance in line with the national framework
    • capturing of request
    • issuing of orders
  • creditor management:
    • management of the commitment file
    • batch control
    • processing of creditor and sundry payments.


Directorate: Security, Facilities and Management

Director: Avhasei Tshirangwana
Tel: 012 473 0439

Deputy Director: Xoliswa Job
Tel: 012 473 0334

The functions of the Security, Facilities and Management Directorate are:

  • registry:
    • controling incoming and outgoing mail and parcels
    • administering the photocopy lease contracts and the expenditure of photocopies made
    • providing messenger services
  • cleaning:
    • administering service-level agreement of the private cleaning company
    • providing hygiene services
  • catering:
    • providing catering services to staff meetings/workshops
  • maintenance:
    • reporting major maintenance services to the landlord and attend to minor repairs
    • monitoring the loading and off-loading of goods
  • occupational health and safety (OHS) services:
    • monitoring the implementation of OHS Act policy requirements
  • property management:
    • ensuring that suitable accommodation is provided to the Government Communication and Information System
    • participating in the procurement of office space for the GCIS
  • security:
    • providing physical security services and monitor access control in the premises
    • monitoring the operation of security systems
  • asset control and management:
  • disposal
  • asset verification
  • asset reconciliation