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Essop Pahad - National Council of Provinces

12 June 2002

Media and Parliament - a partnership to promote representative and participatory democracy

Honourable Chairperson and

Recently it was my pleasure to address an Indian Ocean Rim conference in these buildings arranged by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and other bodies, including the South African Parliament. The purpose of the conference was to discuss the need to secure an effective relationship between Parliament and the media.


Essop Pahad - Introducing the Media Development and Diversity Agency Bill at its 3rd reading in the National Council of Provinces

6 June 2002

Madame Chairperson,
Honourable members

It is a great pleasure and an honour to introduce this legislation to the National Council of Provinces. It paves the way towards making a living reality for all South Africans of their right to freedom of information and expression.

Indeed the Media Development and Diversity Agency Bill, now before this House, gives expression to a major South African achievement.


Essop Pahad - GCIS budget vote

16 May 2002

Madame Speaker
Honourable Members

No longer can GCIS be presented as an infant institution, impressing its elders with the speed of its transformation into a communications agency for a democratic government.

In the time-scale of our young democracy, a department entering its fifth year must be counted amongst established institutions and it must be assessed as such, on the basis of its performance.


Essop Pahad - Introducing the Media Development & Diversity Agency Bill - 2nd reading

15 May 2002

Madame Speaker,
Honourable Members,

When our nation adopted the Constitution, this Parliament was set a vital task.

It is the task of providing a framework of policy and law that can make our rights a living reality for all South Africans, rich and poor, young and old, male and female, urban and rural, black and white.

The Constitution enjoins us to correct the imbalances arising out of our unjust past.


Essop Pahad - Commonwealth Parliamentary Association's (CPA) Parliament and the Media Conference for Indian Ocean Rim Countries

15 April 2002

The relationship between the legislature of any democracy and the media has engaged much attention down the years.

It can, at best, be a relationship of healthy tension. It should never be bland or, on either side, subservient. At worst, it can be mutually destructive – and therefore destructive of democracy.


Essop Pahad - GCIS budget vote

11 May 2001

Madam Speaker;
Honourable Members.

It gives me great pleasure to rise and present to the house the GCIS Budget Vote. For an organisation, which was formally launched a mere three years ago, on 18 May 1998, it has notched up some significant advances. While highlighting GCIS’ several achievements it is important to bear in mind the several key challenges faced by this body and some of the areas it will be attending to in the 2001/2002 financial year.


Essop Pahad - Interview: The role of the media - SAfm

19 April 2001

PROGRAMME: Tim Modise Show
TIME: 17:11
ABBREVIATIONS: EP - Minister Essop Pahad, TM - Tim Modise (Presenter)

TM: My guest this morning is the Minister in the Presidency, Dr Essop Pahad. He takes a keen interest in what goes on in the media, as he is head of the Government Communication and Information System. He has commented on various occasions about the role of the media. Good morning to you Dr Essop Pahad and welcome.



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