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Essop Pahad - 2010 National Communication Partnership Conference

15 August 2006

2010 – The communication opportunity for our continent and country

Programme Director;
Our visitors from other countries;
Fellow South Africans

On the day we heard that FIFA had decided to award us the right to host the first African World Cup, it was more than a dream come true. It was a moment of national pride and it signaled that we had truly taken our rightful place in the world of international sport.


Essop Pahad - Signing of Transformation Charter for Marketing, Advertising and Communication Industry

24 November 2005

Programme Director,
Dr Danisa Baloyi, Chairperson of the Monitoring and Steering Committee
Ladies and Gentlemen

The transformation of South Africa

In the early 1990s as we set about formulating a programme for the reconstruction and development of our country, we knew that we were embarking on a total transformation that would touch every aspect of life in South Africa.


Essop Pahad - GCIS budget vote 2005/6

15 April 2005

Madame Speaker
Honourable Members

All of us in government must measure our actions, and the public resources appropriated to us by this House, against the aspirations of our nation and the mandate which the electorate has set us.

We must ask ourselves: what have we done to narrow the gap between aspiration and reality? What are we planning to do in order to fulfil our mandate?



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