MAC Charter

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The Council, guided by the legislation and policy instruments stated in the preamble, shall be established to perform the following functions, albeit not exclusively limited to this list:

1.1.         Oversee the implementation and monitoring of the Sector Code;

1.2.         Provide guidance on matters relating to black economic empowerment in the MAC sector;

1.3.         Compile reports on the status of black economic empowerment in the MAC sector;

1.4.         Share information with approved accreditation agencies conducting black economic empowerment ratings in the MAC sector;

1.5.         Engage and advise the line function Minister and other relevant regulatory entities regarding implementation of the MAC Sector Code;

1.6.         Develop mechanisms and strategies to monitor compliance with the MAC Sector Code;

1.7.         Develop strategies for consultation with provincial and local stakeholders regarding the MAC Sector Code;

1.8.         Formulate guidelines and models for Broad-Based Empowerment of Black-owned companies at local, provincial and national level;

1.9.         Develop and implement an interactive portal to communicate the basic methods of applying the B-BBEE scorecard for all the different elements of B-BBEE;

1.10.     Develop baseline indicators, conducting or commissioning research for the purposes of ensuring the effective implementation of the MAC Sector Code;

1.11.     Report to the line function Minister through the GCIS, the DTIC, BEE Commission, the B-BBEE Advisory Council and Parliament on the implementation of the MAC Sector Code

1.12.     Advise on the amendments of the MAC Sector Code and other pieces of legislation that hamper effective and efficient implementation of the transformation agenda.