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Government Inter-Ministerial Committee on post-election inauguration process

15 May 2014

Members of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on the Presidential Inauguration of 2014
Representatives of national and international media
Ladies and gentlemen

Thank you all for joining us at today’s media briefing where we will outline some of the processes leading up to the Inauguration of the President.

Commending the nation on successful elections

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Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Cluster on elections final state of readiness

3 May 2014

Two weeks ago, Government, through the Security Cluster Ministers, announced a detailed plan of ensuring that the elections on the 7th of May 2014 are not only free and fair but are peaceful and secured. The report from security agencies noted that the country is stable and the environment is conducive for successful elections, save for a few areas that have been flagged as hotspots.

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Foreign Policy media briefing

18 March 2014

Foreign Policy briefing by the Minister of International Relations Maite Nkoana-Mashabane

During the State of the Nation Address, President Jacob Zuma reflected on how Democratic South Africa’s foreign policy was shaped during the fierce international campaign to isolate the apartheid state. He also emphasised how Africa is at the centre of South Africa’s foreign policy.

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Social Sector Cluster media briefing

18 FEBRUARY 2014


Thank you for joining us this morning.

We have a good story to tell in the improvement of health care:  So said President Jacob Zuma in the State of the Nation Address.
Indeed we do have a good story to tell.

After democracy dawned on our Land in 1994, we had to start by abolishing 14 different health departments with different resources, different ethos and cultures, different qualities and actually worlds apart from each other.

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