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Statement on Cabinet meeting of 2 May 2001

2 May 2001

Cabinet today received a report on progress regarding implementation of the Human Resource Development Strategy. It was agreed that various Departments would nominate co-ordinators for various areas which would receive priority attention. The HRDS Team, led by the Departments of Labour and Education, will report to Cabinet on these matters on a quarterly basis.

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Statement on Cabinet meeting of 31 January 2001

31 January 2001

At its meeting today, Cabinet continued the process of preparations for the State of the Nation Address by President Thabo Mbeki to be presented in Parliament on 9 February. Debate on the Address will take place on 13 and 14 February, with the President’s closing remarks on Thursday, 15 February. During the week of 12 - 16 February, clusters of Ministers will brief the media on details of the government’s programme for the year.

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