Second Chance Programme

By Andrea Naicker

The Class of 2023 will leave their schools as history makers, having achieved the highest pass rate since the dawn of our democracy. Whilst this is a grand celebration for the 82.9 percent of matriculants, those who may have missed the mark may feel discouraged.

There is however no need for despair as hope comes through government’s Second Chance Matric Programme. The programme offers matric learners who have not met the requirements for the National Senior Certificate (NSC) a second chance to achieve the results they desire. 

We understand that being a Grade 12 student is highly pressured and some learners may face additional challenges such as inadequate learning environments, family or social challenges which can hamper learning.

Regardless of the situation, we believe that every matriculant who may have not passed or achieved their desired results, deserve a second chance to rewrite their matric examination and improve their marks. 

Through the Second Chance Matric Programme, established by the Department of Basic Education (DBE), learners are supported to meet the requirements of the National Senior Certificate. 

Learners can, through the programme, also register for the subjects they wish to do better in. Improved results can influence the career path of an individual, providing opportunities they may not otherwise have had access to such as universities and specialised degrees or courses.

We urge those in need of a second chance at acquiring their matric certificate or improving their matric results to take hold of this opportunity and apply for the Second Chance Matric Support Programme which is open until 9 February 2024.

Learners can register at their nearest Department of Basic Education district or circuit office as well as at their nearest provincial education office, which includes the provincial head office. Alternatively, candidates can register online via 

The programme is free for all students with classes offered at approximately 50 venues throughout the country, including rural and semi-rural areas. It is not only open to the Class of 2023 but also to those who matriculated between 2008 and 2022.

Registered candidates of this programme will receive support through the provision of previous examination papers, study tips and course material. Support is also available online and can easily be accessed via computers in community centres and libraries, or devices with internet connectivity.  

We urge learners to take hold of this life-changing opportunity that offers a second chance for success and a brighter future. 

Andrea Naicker is GCIS Assistant Director: Content Development