Official Guide to South Africa 2022/23

In line with government's mandate to make information accessible to all and bring government closer to the people, Government Communication and Information System has published the 2022/23 Official Guide to South Africa.

Content of the quick-fact, easy-to-read publication is largely based on information contained in the latest edition of the South Africa Yearbook, which is also published by the Government Communication and Information System.

Similar to the objectives of the SA Yearbook, the Official Guide is also aimed at providing a useful reference tool to inform South Africans and the world of efforts of government and the people of South Africa to create a better life for all.

Get the complete book here: Official Guide to South Africa 2022/23

Cover, Contents and Foreword [PDF] 1 197 kbOfficial Guide
South Africa at a glance [PDF] 682 kb
History [PDF] 721 kb  
People of South Africa [PDF] 668 kb
Government [PDF] 576 kb
The Presidency [PDF] 942 KB
Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development [PDF] 614 kb
Communications [PDF] 448 kb
Economy and Finance [PDF] 652 kb
Education [PDF] 534 kb
Forestry and Fisheries and the Environment [PDF] 844 kb
Health [PDF] 617 kb
Human Settlements [PDF] 620 kb
International Relations [PDF] 470 kb
Justice and Correctional Services [PDF] 655 kb
Mineral Resources and Energy [PDF] 661 kb
Police, Defence and Intelligence [PDF] 675 kb
Provinces [PDF] 1 094 kb
Science and Innovation [PDF] 563 kb
Social Development [PDF] 801 kb
Sports, Arts and Culture [PDF] 822 kb
Tourism [PDF] 709 kb
Transport [PDF] 691 kb
Water and Sanitation [PDF] 647 kb


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