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South Africans urged to make their mark at the poll

29 October 2021

29 October 2021

The year’s Local Government Elections mark the 21st anniversary since the establishment of a democratic local government system in our country. It will also be the sixth time under South Africa's democratic dispensation that voters will elect leadership and public representatives at metropolitan, district and local level. 

Government calls on all South Africans to make their voice heard at the polls in the 2021 Local Government Elections, taking place on 1 November. Those that have registered for special votes will make their mark on the 30th and 31st of October.

To support the election process, the Department of Home Affairs has extended its operating hours from 08:00-17:30   to accommodate those who would like to collect or apply for identity documents to enable them to vote next week. The extended operational hours on Election Day, 1 November, will be from 07:00am-19:00pm.

Speaking on the critical importance of civic responsibility, GCIS Director General, Phumla Williams said: “The municipal elections are an opportunity for South Africans to have a direct say in who runs their community and ward. Your vote gives you the power to change or improve things and allows you to choose who will represent the interests of your community. Citizens are encouraged to exercise their democratic right and vote. Each and every vote contributes to strengthening our democracy. Voting on 1 November 2021, ensures citizen participation in local governance. Making your voice heard through the ballot is important for improving public resource management and reducing corruption. The public must hold elected leaders accountable for the delivery of services.”

This year’s local government elections take place as we continue our fight to stop the spread of COVID-19. All voters are therefore required to wear a mask, maintain social distancing and sanitise when entering and exiting local voting stations. There will be around 1000 voting stations where the Department of Health will have ‘pop up’ sites for COVID-19 vaccination. If you will be voting at one of these stations, you are encouraged to take this opportunity to vote and vaccinate at the same site.

To find the voting stations with vaccination ‘pop up’ sites, click on this link: Further to this, the government urges those who have already taken their first jab to visit a vaccination site near them for the second jab.  The first dose of the vaccine starts the process of building up protection. The second dose greatly reinforces this protection and boosts your immune response to COVID-19.

Enquiries: Phumla Williams, GCIS Director-General 083 5010 139

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