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Operation Fiela reclaim

19 October 2015

19 Oct 2015

Government has noted the article in the Sunday newspaper reporting on a transcript suggesting police “grapple with how to spin the anti-crime drive Operation Fiela to avoid criticism of the way it targeted foreigners”.  The Inter-ministerial Committee (IMC) on Migration leading the work of Operation Fiela – Reclaim re-iterates the purpose of Operation Fiela Reclaim.  

Operation Fiela –reclaim was an intervention that came as a result of concerns from communities. The breakdown of all the arrests made clearly illustrates both South Africans and foreign national were raided. The feedback received to date has been a positive one.  The public has played a significant role in providing government with pointers to illegal activities that take place in their respective communities. 

The acting spokesperson of IMC Phumla Williams said “government remains committed to work with South Africans including foreign nationals to create peace and stability in their respective communities”. Operation Fiela- Reclaim is a multidisciplinary interdepartmental operation aimed at eliminating criminality and general lawlessness from our communities. 

The operations conducted include:

  • Business premises searched for illegal activities and compliance with by-laws.
  • Checking businesses and confiscating counterfeit goods. 
  • National Road Traffic Agency road offences.
  • Illegal power connections. 
  • Illegal advertisement boards 
  • Human trafficking, illegal firearms and other related offences
  • Possession and dealing in drugs
  • Possession of unlicensed firearms & ammunition
  • liquor related offences

South Africa welcomes migrants who come into the country lawfully.  South Africa is part of the continent and remains committed to finding lasting solutions for the continent said Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) spokesperson Williams.
The work of the IMC continues as mandated by the President. It will ensure all the issues raised by foreign nationals and South Africans are addressed so as to promote peaceful existence within communities.

Phumla Williams
Acting Cabinet Spokesperson Cell: 083 501 0139

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