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No place to hide for rapists

30 October 2019

30 October 2019

Government is elated and welcomes the 20 life sentences and 758 years imprisonment handed down to serial rapist and home burglar Bongani Lucky Masuku.

Masuku was part of a gang who raped women and girls while assaulting and robbing other relatives when they embarked on a spree of burglaries over a period of eight years.

Acting GCIS Director General, Phumla Williams, said: “The sentence sends a strong message to all those who may be involved in incidents of rape and sexual assault that indeed crime does not pay and that there are severe consequences for inflicting pain on women.”

The sentence comes just a week after the North Gauteng High Court sentenced another convicted rapist Nicholas Ninow to an effective life imprisonment for raping a 7-year-old child.

“These sentences show us that violence against women has no place in our society and the full might of the law will prevail. Every citizen must make their voice heard against the issue of rape and abuse, and in particular   when a perpetrator is brought to book. Crimes against women and children will no longer be tolerated as law enforcement agencies are working around the clock to ensure justice for victims are served,” asserts Williams. 

Government has placed the issue of violence against women and children firmly on the top of its priorities and President Ramaphosa has proposed a range of legal and regulatory reforms to Parliament to strengthen the response of the State to gender-based violence and to ensure that all crimes against women and children attract harsher minimum sentences.

Williams added, “We commend the police and the judicial system for their tireless efforts in ensuring that justice has been served in this case and that this man is removed from society for the rest of his life.”

Through imposing harsh sentences and ensuring that perpetrators of rape don’t get bail, government is happy that the judiciary is supporting the national effort to end gender-based violence to ensure abusers, rapists and murderers know that they will be caught and punished.

Government remains firm that the State should oppose bail for suspects charged with the rape and murder of women and children and those who are found guilty of such crimes should not be eligible for parole.

Providing post-rape care for victims remains important and victims of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) are encouraged to make use of the services offered by the Gender-Based Violence Command Centre.

The centre operates 24 hours, 365 days a year. Victims can call 0800 428 428 or send a please call me on *120*7867# or log onto the website

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