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Nelson Mandela commemoration call to action: 5 Dec

04 December 2014

4 December 2014

On 5 December 2014 South Africa will commemorate the first anniversary of former President Nelson Mandela’s passing.  The South African Government encourages the public to: post photos, videos, stories, favourite quotes and pictures of themselves wearing a Mandela t-shirt on social media.

The public may also donate books or toys to a child in need and share the former President’s passion for helping children. The world is encouraged to observe three (3) minutes of silence on 5 December as to remember Nelson Mandela. The social media campaign for the commemoration of the passing of the former President Mandela is as follows: Hashtag: #RememberMandela

For more information visit the following webpages:

Pictures you can use:

Focal social media accounts

Twitter accounts:
1. South African Government:
2. The Presidency:
3. Department of Social Development:
4. Department of Communications:
5. SA News:

1. South African Government:
2. Department of Social Development:
3. The Presidency: 
4. SA News:

Order of proceedings for the Public on 05 December 2014

  • 09:30: Wreath Laying at Union Building
  • 09:57 – 10:00: Ringing of bells
  • 10:00-10:03 Moment of silence
  • 10:03 –National Anthem
  • 10:30- through-out the day: Laying of wreathes by public.

For coordination of interviews please contact: Ireen Magwai on 082 440 5676 or or Jaconia Kobue on 082 313 4673 or

Lumka Oliphant
Contact: 083 484 8067

Issued by: Department of Social Development

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