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NATJOINTS chairpersons brief media on BRICS Security State of Readiness

17 August 2023

Members of the Media
Ladies and Gentlemen

As the operational arm of the Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Cluster, the National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (NATJOINTS) led by the South African Police Service (SAPS), South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and the State Security Agency (SSA), takes this opportunity to assure the nation that it is satisfied with its plans to secure the BRICS Summit which will be held from next week Tuesday, 22nd of August to Thursday, 24th August 2023.

This is the second time that the country is hosting the BRICS Summit on South African shores. As with the previous Summit held in the country, the NATJOINTS is confident that this one too will take place in a safe and secure environment.

Ladies and gentlemen

The NATJOINTS is mandated to ensure thorough planning, implementation, execution and monitoring of all aspects concerning the safety, security and stability in the Republic of South Africa.

With the Summit in four days, the NATJOINTS is ready to ensure that as government prepares to welcomes Heads of States, Ministers and leaders from various countries from across the world, that this happens in a safe and secure environment with minimal to no incidents of instability and criminality.

A priority committee comprised of various government departments across all three spheres, has been meeting regularly with all relevant role-players to ensure a security plan is developed that looks at transport, route, venue, accommodation, traffic control, sea, land and airport border security.

The safety and security preparations for the Summit are on track, with all critical role players ready to execute their various responsibilities as per their mandate.

The established disciplines and work streams continue to implement the NATJOINTS standard five pillar approach which will ensure that all our bases are covered through:

  1. Intelligence gathering, analysis and co-ordination;
  2. Proactive approach which includes high visibility to police, prevent, and respond to any crime eventuality;
  3. Combat approach through law enforcement in response to any violation of the law through the deployment of specialised units, supported by the SANDF should need arise for the SANDF to exercise their secondary role of supporting the SAPS;
  4. Reactive approach through detection and case management; and the fifth approach –
  5. Awareness and information sharing led by the GCIS, and Communication teams from DIRCO and the SAPS, keeping interested parties and communities at home and abroad updated through messaging that will enhance the safety and security of the everyone in the country – residents and visitors alike.

Furthermore, working closely with all stakeholders, the NATJOINTS will thus heighten police visibility in and around the conference centre with the aim of preventing and combating any form of opportunistic crime, pre-, during and post the Summit.

We have mobilised maximum resources from all government departments involved in the planning of this particular event. Together with the various law enforcement agencies including the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD) and Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD), we are executing and implementing the security plan accordingly, which will include more boots on the ground.

All law enforcement agencies deployed to secure the event will enforce the law at all times and at all areas of deployment. Each and every member deployed has a responsibility and an obligation to execute their respective mandates professionally, impartially and with integrity. It is on that note, that we request everyone within the borders of South Africa to cooperate with law enforcement officers.

Members of the public are cautioned against committing any illegal acts as law enforcement agencies will not hesitate to act against anyone who conducts themselves in an unlawful manner. Any threats or disruptions will be dealt with decisively within the ambit of the law.

Only those in possession of accreditation to attend will be allowed near the venue and restricted areas. Therefore, those who are still without accreditation which includes officials and members of the media are advised to pre-register and obtain a non-transferable accreditation. The online registration process will close on 18 August 2023. Accreditation collection is from the 19th of August – 24th August 2023 from 07:00 am to 19:00 pm. Only those who have pre-registered will be eligible to collect their accreditation at the Radisson Blue Gautrain.

Those found with fraudulent accreditation, will face the full might of the law.

No accreditation card, no entrance to the venue!

Lost cards must be immediately reported to the South African Police Service. It is a serious offence to exchange cards amongst colleagues.

To this end, high density operations through increased roadblocks, vehicle checkpoints, high police visibility on foot, vehicle, mounted and air patrols will be conducted. Stabilizing operations and deployment of members at crime hotspots to ensure heightened integrated crime prevention operations.

A notice to all Airmen (NOTAM) has also been issued by the Civil Aviation Authority which restricts the airspace within two nautical miles and five thousand feet above sea level to the conference venue from 22 to 24 August 2023, including and especially between 08:00 on Sunday, 20 August to 24:00 on Thursday 24 August. 2023.  All flyers are advised that this is a strictly no drone zone. Those who are found to be operating drones in the vicinity will be in breach of the restriction imposed by the Civil Aviation Authority and as such steps will be taken against those who transgress.

Residents in the City of Johannesburg are advised that there will be limited access in areas surrounding the Sandton Convention Centre. Those operating businesses and those who reside near the Sandton Convention Centre are advised of the following road closures that enclose the venue:

From 08:00 am on Sunday, 20 August 2023 to 24:00 (midnight) on Thursday, 24 August 2023

  • Corner Maude and West Streets
  • Corner West Street and Alice Lane
  • Corner Alice Lane and 5th Street

On Wednesday, 23 August 2023

Those operating businesses and residing along the Midrand Gallagher Estate are advised on the following road closures:

From 15:00 to 24:00

  • Gallagher Avenue and Richards Drive
  • Richards Drive traffic circle
  • Johnnic and Lupton Street
  • Johnnic and Pretoria Main Road

In closing, we are making a call to all South Africans, as they have done on many occasions to welcome our international guests with humility, warmth and care – in the true spirit of Ubuntu.

We therefore affirm the NATJOINTS state of readiness. Members are already on the ground are we are ready to deliver a safe and secure event.

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