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Minister Faith Muthambi on government communications

04 February 2015

4 February 2015

Hon. Gavin Davis is coming to Tshedimosetso House to learn!

Over the last 7 months the Ministry of Communications has been refining our guiding policy in line with a new communications paradigm as set out by the President in his vision for an invigorated government communications capability.  The Minister has conducted extensive stakeholder consultation across the country to listen to the views of South Africans from all walks of life on the form and substance of government’s communication portfolio.  It is increasingly clear to the Minister that the DA has run out of counter arguments to challenge the positions of the governing party, the African National Congress, as it strives to inform all citizens of the work of government so that they are empowered to participate in our vibrant democracy. Their representative member in the portfolio committee Hon. Gavin Davis MP seems out of his depth, and persists in thinly veiled personal attacks rather than bringing matters of substance for public debate.

The Ministry of Communications is responsible for providing strategic leadership of government’s overall communication capability. Its entities include Brand South Africa, the Film and Publications Board (FPB), the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA),  the Media Development and  Diversity Agency, Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) and the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). Each of these play a critical role in the communications industry, at home and abroad, providing an important catalyst for nation building and social cohesion. To be tasked with overhauling Government’s communication portfolio is hardly a vote of no confidence. 

The Minister holds dearly the truth that our democracy was born out of our people’s struggle, lead by the African National Congress. The breakthrough we now call South Africa was established through open and critical dialogue, the preliminary "talks about talks" and ultimately CODESA. Through embracing the central role of communications, South Africans enjoy a participatory democracy, freedom of the press and a world celebrated Constitution. As we move forward, the Department of Communications will work in earnest to promote the vision of the National Development Plan which calls for active participation of citizens - a pillar for peace and stability to underpin our economic prosperity.

The Ministry will not waver in accelerating the delivery of its mandate.  With the Minister’s guidance, Brand SA continues to promote the country’s image domestically and internationally with incisive programmes. In January, Brand South Africa co-ordinated Team South Africa’s participation at the 2015 World Economic Forum in Davos.  WEF Davos is a critical platform on which to position South Africa as a competitive destination for inward investment.  Team South Africa took this message to Davos: “South Africa is open for business”.

 In mid-February 2015 the FPB will be holding public hearings and workshops on the Draft Online Regulation Policy which was developed to give effect to its five (5) years Online Content Regulation Strategy. South Africans will have an opportunity to make inputs into this policy before it is made final. Other work from the entities is advanced and announcements in this regard are imminent. A key priority for the Minister of Communications is to lead the successful delivery of the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) Migration Project. Developments in this endeavour too will be announced in due course.

There is an apt idiom “U guda a hu gumi” meaning “learning is a lifelong commitment”. The Ministry welcomes Hon. Gavin Davis MP to visit Tshedimosetso House to be oriented on the actual work of the Ministry, its department and entities.  The Minister would like to thank the Honourable Davis for accepting her invitation and all she has left to say is, “Tsiwana i laiwa ndilani” (“an orphan receives guidance along the pathway”).

Ayanda Holo
Cell: 061 488 0634

Issued by: Ministry Of Communications

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