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Government responds to the City Press newspaper

10 October 2022

10 October 2022

Government has noted an article published in the City Press newspaper (dated 09/10/2022). 

The government wishes to clarify that, as stipulated in the Ministerial Handbook, which contains guidelines for members of the executive, the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI) is responsible for the costs associated with the provision of water and electricity to any State-owned Residence. The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure is bound by Government prescripts to accommodate members of the executive. The Department of Public Service and Administration sets out the provisions in the ministerial handbook. These provisions are part of the package that comes with being a member of the Executive as they are living in state-owned houses in service of the country.

The only facilities exempt from loadshedding are the seat of Government, which is the Union Buildings, as well as the house of Parliament. The other facilities exempt from loadshedding are mines that supply Eskom with coal. People in the proximity of these facilities, may also be exempt from loadshedding. Hospitals are required by law to have their own backup power, however, due to the continued loadshedding; government is working on a plan to exempt certain hospitals in the country.

Ministers and Deputy Ministers pay for the usage of electricity and water at their private residences. The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure pays for the usage of water and electricity of State-owned buildings, such as official residences.

Government urges consumers to continue to pay for the services they receive so that municipalities are able to collect revenue, meet their debt obligations, and provide quality services to communities. Government will continue to provide free basic services to all indigent households.

Phumla Williams 
Cell: 083 501 0139

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