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Government notes a misleading article published in The Star newspaper

04 August 2022

04 August 2022

Working together to make SA better

Government has noted a misleading article published in The Star newspaper, which seeks to create a narrative that President Ramaphosa is silent on pertinent issues. This article is not only misleading, but seeks to sow divisions, create unnecessary tensions and blankly ignores the communication that has occurred from the Presidency and government on challenges that we are working on.

Minister in The Presidency, Mondli Gungubele, said: “We should not entertain content that peddles misinformation and that seeks to undermine the work of government. It must be highlighted that President Ramaphosa has always steered the ship and led the country from the front. For example, South Africa was hailed for the steps it took to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, we have already started to see green shoots and growth in the economy. We have also witnessed a number of successful arrests in the fight against corruption and crime, and we are busy implementing the energy crisis plan. We are fixing large problems, that will take some time, and all these are in motion because of the  leadership of our President. He is not the implementer, but the leader. Leaders from every sphere of government, as well society have a role to play to address challenges.”

Government acknowledges that more work needs to be done to address the myriad of challenges we face as a country. However, this can only be achieved through partnership. The recent service delivery protests, in various areas, are concerning and government is working around the clock to address the issues raised by communities. However, this also means that when communities exercise their constitutional right to protest they must do so within the ambit of the law. Vandalism and the destruction of property and infrastructure, the infringement of the rights of others, and making areas ungovernable must not be allowed to take place. As a country, we have always held on to a common belief that we should embrace peaceful protest and dialogue to solve issues. 

Minister Gungubele added: “We are working on strengthening the State’s capability to fulfil its mandate of basic service delivery. The fight to make South Africa better is not the sole responsibility of the President, but rather it is the responsibility of each South African and social groups. We must work together to ensure that we create a better South Africa for us and future generations.” 

Phumla Williams – GCIS Director General on 0835010139

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