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Government marks World Radio Day

13 February 2023

Government joins the globe in observing World Radio Day under the theme “ Radio and Peace”.  The 13th of February is specifically set aside to raise awareness of the importance of radio. 

In South Africa, radio is a very powerful communication medium, which is easily accessible even in the rural parts of the country. It brings people from all walks of life together through its role of entertaining, educating and sharing important information.
The Minister in the Presidency, Mondli Gungubele, said: “Radio in particular is still one of the most accessible mediums in the country. During the dark days of Apartheid South Africa, radio was used as a revolutionary tool to keep the people informed of the struggle being waged against the crime against humanity. For example, radio played a positive role in society during the anti-apartheid struggle.  Radio Freedom in South Africa used to communicate and send messages to people on the ground. People would gather together in homes who had radios just to hear the broadcast.  

Similarly, it played a crucial role in fostering democracy and expressing our diversity  in this country. The media, such as radio, continues to shape opinions and perceptions and influence public discourse. Radio holds particular importance in  framing narratives on issues or events is important as it has great power to influence people.  In a post-pandemic environment, radio, like other media, has a critical role to play in  contributing towards social cohesion, peace and nation building.”

Radio stations are among the key stakeholders of government, as they disseminate key information about government programmes of action and opportunities that the public can use to improve their lives.

Government sends its appreciation to the industry for its unique role in promoting  the identities of South Africans across cultures and languages, as well as fostering peace domestically and internationally.

Mr Michael Currin – Acting Cabinet Spokesperson
Mobile: 082 462 7896

Issued by: Government Communications

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