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Government concludes 2023 Annual Thusong Service Centre Week

26 September 2023

Government concludes this year’s Annual Thusong Service Centre Week, which took place from the 18 - 22 September 2023 and was commemorated under the theme: “Building a Professional Public Service for Quality Service Delivery”.
The Thusong Service week formed part of the Integrated Public Service Month and it sought to promote the Thusong Programme by showcasing the integrated mobile outreach programme and its effectiveness in responding to the needs of the citizens. 

The 2023 in-week activities of the Thusong Service Week profiled the work of public servants particularly front line officials based at Thusong Service Centres and their contribution to the envisioned efficient Public Service which is putting people first.  

On Tuesday, 19 September 2023, the Deputy Minister in the Presidency, Kenny Morolong, led the opening of the 2023 Annual Thusong Service Centre week at the NG Church Hall, in Rawsonville, Western Cape Province who lauded that to date there are 121 operational centres which continue to bring services closer to the communities by housing different government departments and entities.

During the opening event a food security dialogue was held with a focus on the promotion of backyard gardens, sustainability, and integration into the local economy. The dialogue was led by the University of the Western Cape through their study conducted within the Municipality on food security. Dedicated public servants were also presented with certificates of appreciation, followed by an integrated outreach wherein various government departments and entities showcased their exhibitions and provided services to the citizens.

During the week, various Thusong Service Centres across the country hosted 88 activities with 26 of these focusing on cleaning and food security campaigns with an emphasis on backyard gardens. The aim is to encourage citizens to participate in cleaning communities as part of persevering the environment and establishing backyard gardens as another way of combating poverty, hunger and food insecurity in communities.

The, the closing event of 2023, took place in the Northern Cape Province at Loeriesfontein Hub. The closing event promoted food security, with a bias to the establishment of food gardens at the Thusong Service Centre as well as the planting of trees. 

“South Africans can play their part in securing food supply through their homes or community food gardens. If every person sets up a small garden in their home it will go a long way to ensuring that individuals and communities meet their sustenance needs. Through our collective actions we can ensure that no South African goes to bed hungry.  It was heartening to see that the Thusong Service Centres continue to play a part in this vital campaign.  The continued offering of services and information from government departments, bodies of civil society and community organizations, through the Thusong Centres, show well how these centres play a key role in bettering the lives of South Africans”, said GCIS Acting Director-General, Nomonde Mnukwa.

All citizens are invited to visit to locate the Thusong Service Centre near them and encouraged to make use of their centres frequently.

Nomonde Mnukwa
Cell: 083 653 7485

William Baloyi
Cell: 083 390 7147

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