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Government Communications on SADC Aviation Safety Organisation Charter

24 August 2018

SADC statement on Charter establishing the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Aviation Safety Organisation (SASO)

At its meeting held at Tuynhuys in Cape Town on Wednesday, 22 August 2018, Cabinet approved the submission of the charter which establishes SASO to Parliament for approval.

The Acting Director-General of the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS), Ms Phumla Williams, said: “The charter provides a legal and institutional framework to establish SASO to assist SADC Member States with their civil aviation safety oversight. It will further facilitate the development of efficient and effective civil-aviation infrastructure in SADC Member States, and will result in economic activities conducive to growth and job creation.”

Aviation is a key component of the regional transport network system and is critical in advancing economic development currently underway in the region. It also plays a critical role in social and business relations, as well as the import and export of goods.

SASO encourages economic growth by ensuring that civil aviation safety standards are harmonised and implemented consistently through the development of effective oversight systems in the region.

“It is envisaged that Member States that do not have certain capabilities to oversee civil aviation will delegate their functions to SASO. The organisation will also assist Member States with the requisite training and capacity building,” explained Ms Williams.

Other functions of SASO include assisting Member States in performing certification and surveillance tasks, assisting them to meet International Civil Aviation Organisation Standards and Recommended Practices, and developing and implementing a Regional Safety Programme.

“The charter will also ensure resource mobilisation for Member States and support Africa’s development plan by reducing regulatory compliance, which has been identified in the National Development Plan (NDP) as an enabler for opportunities in South Africa,” added Ms Williams. The NDP is South Africa’s official roadmap to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality by 2030.

Ms Phumla Williams – Acting Cabinet Spokesperson
Cell: 083 501 0139

Issued by Government Communication and Information System

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