Media Policy

Chief Director: Sandile Nene
Tel: 012 473 3658

The purpose of the chief directorate is to conduct research and develop print media, new media and communications policies for government.

Director:  Audio-Visual Services

Deputy Director: Broadcasting


Deputy Director: Economic Transformation

Acting Administrative Officer: Doreen Mokone
Tel: 012 473 0492

Overview and Mandate of the Chief Directorate: Media Policy

The purpose of the Chief Directorate is to support the Department in providing an enabling environment which creates an accelerated and shared growth of the South African economy through the development and implementation of effective policy, legislation and applicable regulation. 

The policy enhancement measures are targeted in three sub-sector of the economy i.e. Community and Small Commercial Media; the Marketing Advertising and Communications (MAC) as well as the Print and Digital Media sectors. 


  • Conducts research and develops print media, new media and communication policies.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of community media policies, laws (MDDA Amendment Bill) and strategies to promote community media;
  • Facilitates the implementation of policies by regulatory institutions in the sector;  
  • Ensure transformation in the sector (MAC Charter Council and Print and Digital Media Transformation and Diversity Charter);
  • Provide branding policy for domestic and international markets 
  • To improve universal access to community media sectors by 2030; and
  • Develop policies and laws that seeks to modernize and regulate the work of GCIS