Bua Briefs 147

19 November 2009

16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children

Government and all sectors of society will embark on the national 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children Campaign from 25 November to 10 December. The campaign’s objectives are reinforced by the year-long 365 Days programme. We are firmly committed to lead a coordinated effort to sustain the campaign into its next decade. The period includes the International Day of No Violence against Women and International Human Rights Day, Universal Children’s Day and World AIDS Day.

We must all ensure that the values, freedom and rights of our Constitution become a living reality for all.

  • As responsible citizens, we must ensure that we report all forms of abuse of children and women to the relevant authorities.
  • Both the physical violence and emotional torment directed to women and children contribute to the eroding of our social and moral values.
  • We must continue to create awareness in our communities and workplaces, so that we have a society free of discrimination, gender-based violence, hunger and want.

We must protect and care for our children and women who are made more vulnerable to HIV and AIDS.

  • Access to antiretroviral therapy (ART) in the public health system helps to ensure that women, especially pregnant women, do not pass on the virus to their unborn babies.
  • Parents, especially mothers who are on ART, will live longer and take better care of their children.
  • All women and children already infected and affected by HIV should have access to public health facilities to help them cope and protect themselves from further abuse and infections.

Government is committed to international protocols that aim to address the challenges of violence against women and children.




Water affairs

  • R500-million water project signed with the Netherlands
    An agreement for a R500-million water project between the Netherlands and South Africa has been signed. The project will be implemented by the Zululand District Municipality and will assist 165 000 people in rural areas.

Arts and culture

  • South African architect wins World Building of the Year Award
    Peter Rich Architects, a South African company, has won the prestigious World Building of the Year award for the Mapungubwe Interpretation Centre in Limpopo. Judges praised the project for its hand-crafted intelligence and the way in which issues of sustainability and its relationship to the landscape were handled.

Science and technology

  • Dinosaur fossil discovered in South Africa
    Scientists at the University of the Witwatersrand announced the discovery of a new species of dinosaur. Dr Adam Yates, from the Bernard Price Institute for Paleontological Research, described the find as: "one of the big jewels South Africa has”.