Bua Briefs 129

25 September 2008

The work of government continues; all civil servants must serve with the professionalism in line with their responsibilities

Our constitutional democracy has proved its resilience and stability in the period leading to the resignation of President Thabo Mbeki from the highest office in our land. The recent challenges faced by our country are not insurmountable; we must build on the gains and successes of the past 15 years with speed and prepare ourselves to address the backlogs we still face.

All public servants must remain responsible; they must be agile to change and continue to implement the electoral mandate outlined in the Government’s Programme of Action

We must preserve our gains of the past 15 years of democracy and extend our programmes to address poverty with vigour and commitment.

Driven by the principles of Ubuntu – of selflessness, sacrifice and service – we should actively put the interests of the people over our desires as individuals.

The needs of the poor are central to all that we do; we retain pride in our country and our mandate is driven by the conviction to build a country free of poverty, crime and debilitating disease.

We must work together in building an economy to be shared by all. We will sustain our country’s credibility in the continent and the world.

The work of government has to continue with outmost professionalism and expertise from all civil servants

The Public Service must be responsible and adapt to all the changes that prevail.

We should focus on ensuring that the principles of Batho Pele remain central to the work of serving the people of the country.

As civil servants, we will continue to implement government’s programme and ensure that people continue to benefit from them.

Our work will display continuity and consistency; we must strengthen the leadership and quality of management in all our areas of work.

The 15 years of democracy have brought about major changes in the country, and the majority of our country’s poor are benefiting directly from our government’s programmes

Our democracy has benefited the poor majority, with increased numbers of people receiving social grants and better access to water, sanitation and electricity. However, more still needs to be done.

We have a constitutional obligation to ensure continuity of the work defined in the Government’s Programme of Action. We can not let the public and government down; the Public Service is accountable to all.

Our loyalty lies in the execution of the electoral mandate guided by the programmes of the Government of the day – it is within our professionalism and expertise to do the work we are expected and employed to do.

Our commitment to serve is critical in this unique transitional period.

All public servants must commit to continue the Government’s central aim of building a better life up to the end of term

We should display maturity and handle the changed political leadership without compromising our Batho Pele principles.

We should pursue implementing the Apex Priorities PDF 94 kb as identified and approved by government.

Let us join hands in the spirit of Business Unusual and work for a better life for all