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Joint media statement on Marikana Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) and Stakeholders

11 October 2012

11 October 2012

The Marikana Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) met today with stakeholders from traditional and religious sectors ahead of finalising the report to be submitted to Cabinet on the Marikana tragedy. The meeting was useful and captured the spirit of cooperation.

The stakeholders included leadership from the:

  • National House of Traditional Leaders
  • North West House of Traditional Leaders
  • Congress for Traditional Leaders of South Africa (CONTRALESA) - North West Provincial Faith-Based Organisation.

The meeting acknowledged and appreciated the support that was provided by all stakeholders during the tragedy at Marikana.

The role played by Government in assisting all the bereaved families was also acknowledged. This includes the process of identifying the deceased, issuing of death certificates and burial orders, offering counselling and emotional support, as well as assisting with financial and logistical arrangements during the funerals and support with the Unemployment Insurance Fund to all the bereaved families.

The meeting noted that the education support of the children of the deceased was critical and in cooperation with Lonmin Mining, this would be followed up and feedback provided to the IMC.

The meeting noted the rights of all South Africans to peaceful protests and demonstrations, but emphasised that these rights were accompanied by responsibilities to respect the rule of law.  The parties condemned the killing of people, intimidation, violence, damage to property, carrying of dangerous weapons, etc. 

The meeting noted the work of the Farlan Commission of Inquiry and encouraged everyone to provide the necessary support to the Commission and allow it to do its job. It was agreed that more interaction between the parties involved needed to take place to ensure that similar situations would be avoided in future.

The meeting noted that the cooperation in addressing this issue could not have been achieved if all the different stakeholders did not work together.

For media queries: 
Harold Maloka
Cell: 082 847 9799

Issued by GCIS on behalf of the IMC and the Stakeholders

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