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Government encourages citizens to tell their stories during Heritage Month

04 September 2014

4 September 2014

September marks Heritage Month to celebrate and embrace the country’s historical inheritance, languages, diverse cultures, sacred sites, indigenous food and traditional art forms. The launch of Heritage Month that took place yesterday at Freedom Park saw diverse audiences, cultural groups and story tellers revelling and showing pride of their unique traditions.

“During September it is important to remind South Africans to embrace our diversity and play a role in creating a united nation with common identity” said Minister of Communications, Faith Muthambi.

South Africa will on the 24 September 2014 host the main Heritage Day celebration in Mahikeng under the theme “Celebrate 20 Years of Democracy: Tell Your Story that Moves South Africa Forward”. The theme for this year pursues to encourage all citizens to share their experiences and talk about our journey as a country from apartheid to freedom and life under democracy.

Minister Muthambi says “story telling forms part of our rich heritage. We should reinforce it by narrating the historic events which were part of evolution of our country. Adults are encouraged to share memories with children so that the youth can develop knowledge and appreciation of the country’s journey towards freedom”.

The Tell Your Story campaign is also an opportunity for South Africans to use any means of expression such as poems, arts, music to tell their stories. Through talking about good and bad experiences, citizens will be able to begin to work towards building a socially cohesive country where they are united.

Throughout the month, government in partnership with various stakeholders in business, civil society, schools and the media will embark on numerous Tell Your Story events. Among the projects identified to advance the story telling campaign are the reburial of Nat Nakasa and Moses Kotane. These historical events will provide an opportunity for South Africans to learn about Nakasa and Kotane’s struggle for freedom and circumstances that led them to living in exile and the impact they had on the liberation of the country.

The year 2014 marks 20 Years of Freedom and Democracy in South Africa; as part of celebrating our freedom, the Government Communications and Information System (GCIS) has introduced a Tell Your Story Campaign with a view to share unique stories, record our history and ultimately build social cohesion and nationhood.

All citizens are encouraged to share their stories on twitter @TellYourStoriesZA using the hashtag #CelebratingSAstories or to send these to for publishing on our website and facebook page. Stories can be written or recorded.

Bongiwe Gambu
Media Liaison office for Minister of Communications
Cell: 082 714 9463

Issued by: Government Communication and Information System

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