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Government appeals for no violence during strikes

26 August 2013

26 August 2013

Government notes the number of strikes that are currently taking place across the country and calls on all workers to execute it non-violently. Employers and workers are encouraged to engage in meaningful dialogue and to speedily reach an agreement.

Acting GCIS CEO, Phumla Williams said, “Whilst every citizen has the constitutional right to protest, it must be done within the ambit of the law. Those that contravene the country’s laws will face the full might of the law.”

It is unacceptable when people’s rights are violated by perpetrators of violent actions, such as inflicting injury or death to other persons, damage to property and the destruction of valuable public infrastructure.

Government has reiterated its commitment to ensuring stability and sustainability in all industrial sectors for the future of South Africa’s economy.
“Government and the citizens of the country are urged to work together in a peaceful and stable manner to address the underlying challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality.” said Williams.
Phumla Williams
083 501 0139
Issued by Government Communications and Information System (GCIS)

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