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No photograph of President Mandela lying in state

12 December 2013

12 December 2013

Government and the Mandela family have no plans to release so-called official photographs of President Mandela lying in state.
Government is respecting the family’s wish that no photographs of President Mandela’s body be released.
With regard to mourners filing past the casket, government repeats the caution that no photography is allowed, as this would violate the military protocol governing proceedings at the Union Buildings.

Government is aware of social media activity on the existence or otherwise of a picture of President Mandela lying in state.
Government welcomes the way in which people on social platforms are expressing their disappointment and outrage at any circulation of such photographs.
If this content exists, government calls on people not to view it and to delete it from their timelines.
The lying-in-state at the Union Buildings is an opportunity for hundreds of thousands of South Africans to pay their last respects privately and people should observe this with decency and dignity.
Government also asks people to show regard for the wishes and feelings of the Mandela family.
Phumla Williams
Cell: 083 5010 139 
Issued by Governmet Communication and Information System (GCIS)

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