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Department of Communications rejects malicious media report

03 March 2015

3 March 2015

The Department of Communications has noted with concern continued malicious media reports, which claim divisions in the department. The department rejects and dismisses such reports as malicious and without basis.

Media reports claims that the Acting-Director General Mr Donald Liphoko, among other malicious reports, issued letters to senior managers stripping them of their powers. These reports are untrue and without basis.

The reports further alleges an existence of some fight back among managers which are not true, the reports quotes unnamed sources whose intentions is to cause unnecessary divisions in the department.

The department wish to put it on the record that these reports are untrue, senior managers are still responsible for their portfolios and continue to discharge the responsibilities assigned to them. The department continues to hold its weekly management committee meetings, which are used to monitor the implementation of the departmental strategic plans and targets.

The department has also noted reports of a newspaper supplement, which was not authorised by the department. It is in the nature of communication that matters may arise that necessitate unplanned communication, which dictated by the communication environment. In this regard such communication may require the movement of funds to accommodate such need. Therefore, there is no basis to suggest an unauthorised expenditure.

The Department is annually audited to ensure compliance with government procurement procedures. In this financial year 2014/15 the department will be subjected to audit process to ensure that all procurement procedures were adhered to.

The Department of Communication and the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) will from 1 April 2015 exist side by side as two separate organizations. The GCIS will continue to discharge its communication responsibilities as an agency of the Department of Communication.


Donald Liphoko
Cell: 082 901 0766

Issued by Department of Communications

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