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2010 mass mobilisation programme unveiled

27 January 2009

27 January 2009

A 2010 mass mobilisation programme is unveiled by Government and the 2010 organising committee in Galeshewe, Kimberley, today 27 January 2009. The launch is part of the activities to celebrate the 500 days countdown towards the 2010 FIFA world cup.

The programme seeks to galvanise South Africans on the hosting of the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup (2009 FCC) and 2010 FIFA world cup. In addition, the initiative will see the creation of a lasting legacy through the development of skills and capacitating programme of communities for sustainable participation in sport. There will also be more community participation in sport as well as the advancement of youth development initiatives through sport. As part of the programme, there will be life skills curriculum which will be integrated into the football coaching course for the coaches.

Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation South Africa, Mr Gert Oosthuizen, and Local Organising Committee (LOC) Head of Communications, Mr Rich Mkhondo, delivered key messages on the planned Government/LOC mobilisation and legacy initiatives.

Key role players in the implementation of the programme are Sport and Recreation South Africa (SRSA), 2010 Government Co-ordinating Unit, provincial departments of sport, arts and culture, the 2010 Organising Committee, the South African Football Association (SAFA), the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) and the German Technical Co-operation (GTZ). The programme will be rolled out in other provinces and culminate at the commencement of the 2009 FCC.

The initiative will target youth in all nine provinces, with 40% of the estimated participants being women. The second key target is communities in general with the intention of galvanising them to get involved in the excitement of both the 2009 FCC and 2010 FIFA world cup.

The planned activities will take the form of life and coaching clinics of at least 290 coaches through football coaching courses. 2010 Ambassadors such as Phil Masinga, Mark Fish and Desiree Ellis will conduct coaching clinics for young people in each of the identified provincial sites for the roadshows.

The coaching clinics will be preceded by a marketing and communications bus which will travel to identified sites to create awareness about the two competitions. Attractions such as 2010 Ambassadors and Zakumi will be at the sites disseminating messages on the tournaments. SAFA will provide content for the capacity building workshops for the identified coaches in each province.

Government will also utilise the opportunity to communicate the key role of hosting the events in the acceleration of the national development programme. It will, in essence, isolate legacy goals and priorities as they speak to the development needs of our communities.

Media institutions and practitioners are also invited to support the 2010 mass mobilisation roadshows programme so as to increase its visibility.

Monde Mkalipi
Cell: 082 575 3976

Issued by: 2010 Government Co-ordinating Unit and Government Communications (GCIS)


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