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Withdrawal of the USA delegation from the World Conference Against Racism (WCAR)

03 September 2001

The SA government views the withdrawal of the USA delegation or any other delegation as unfortunate and unnecessary. It will be unfortunate if a perception were to develop that the USA’s withdrawal from the Conference is merely a red-herring demonstrating an unwillingness to confront the real issues posed by racism in the USA and globally.

The Conference will continue in the spirit in which it has been conducted thus far-a melting pot of a number of perspectives. Any delegations withdrawing from this process will deny not only this conference of their experience and insight but will also be denying themselves a vital learning experience.

The representatives of the entire international community gathered in Durban, are united in their resolve, not to be distracted from the Conference agenda but to forge ahead with deliberations and discussions which must result in a clear programme of action aimed at pushing back the frontiers of racism, xenophobia and related intolerances.

In this regard, the WCAR will continue to focus its attention on the issues of addressing the impact of racism, protecting the vulnerable from any current and future forms of discrimination as well as develop a programme for the systemic overcoming of centuries of colonialism.

Minister Essop Pahad at
Cell: 082 552 3564

Abba Omar
Cell: 082 414 3383

Ronnie Mamoepa at
Cell: 082 990 4853

Issued by: SA WCAR Communication


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