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Press reports concerning President's spokesperson

11 July 2000

11 July 2000

In response to an impression that has been created by various newspaper reports that the spokesperson of the President is restricted from dealing with certain matters relating to the views of the President, GCIS wishes to make clear that this is wholly inaccurate.

We need to clarify that GCIS and the Department of Health are the lead departments as far as official sources of information about the AIDS2000 conference are concerned and that matters pertaining to the conference are therefore being handled, as has been the case all along, by structures involved in the conference itself and in the National Aids Council. It is in this context that enquiries relating to the conference are being referred to GCIS and the Health Department.

The impression created in some newspaper reports that this has any bearing on the communication structures in the President's Office and on communication relating to the President's views is without foundation.

Joel Netshitenzhe
Cell: 082 900 0083

Issued by: Government Communications (GCIS)


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