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Government welcomes the public's anti corruption and bribery initiatives

16 November 2010

16 November 2010

Government welcomes initiatives by civil society, media and business to identify incidents of bribery and corruption in the country and bring it to the attention of law enforcement agencies.

A recent, informal poll conducted by the Lead SA initiative in collaboration with Primedia Broadcasting and the Independent Newspapers demonstrates the concern showed by people in a number of urban areas over alleged bribery and corruption among Metro Police officials.

While the informal poll was an indicator of public sentiment at corruption, it is worth reiterating as Government that corruption is of equally serious concern to us. Our concern is, however, informed by the knowledge that most public servants, including Metro Police, are hard-working, ethical and committed professionals wishing to contribute to the country’s development.

Government has consistently stated its determination to root out bribery and corruption at all levels. It has made it quite clear that bribery and corruption will not be tolerated and officials found guilty of such conduct will face the full might law.

However, Government calls equally strongly on all South Africans to join the fight against corruption.  Citizens have no right to complain about public-service corruption when they are the ones offering bribes or trying to circumvent due process.

People have the right and responsibility to refuse to pay bribes and to report officials who solicit bribes.  When one pays a bribe, one is not only  a victim of a crime, but also a willing participant in the criminal act.   To root out corruption, citizens must work together with the authorities and report all unlawful incidents at their local police station.

For further enquires please contact
Themba Maseko

Government Spokesperson
Cell: 083 645 0810


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