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Media briefing on work of Economic, Investment and Employment Communication Cluster DGs

17 October 2007

17 October 2007

Thank you for availing yourselves and thanks to the DGs for making time in their busy schedules to attend this interaction, as part of government communication. We consider this interaction as an extended platform to share substantive information with specialist writers in the area of the work of this cluster.

The DGs in the Economic cluster have agreed to regularise this interaction, which will be interspersed between the standing two-monthly media briefings on the Programme of Action (POA) by the various Ministerial clusters. This forum does not replace the regular POA briefings that are due in two weeks' time. But they provide an extended opportunity for an in-depth discussion, and they explore information on the work of this cluster within the broad implementation programme of government.

In the future the cluster will also hold current affairs programmes on our African language stations, and current affairs slots on other radio stations. Today’s discussion is subsumed under the broad theme of 'Infrastructure Development', covering amongst others: public transport restructuring, the innovation technologies, trade-related issues, ICT, Infraco and SACU, but not to the exclusion of other important programmes in the cluster departments.

The venue allows for a relaxed and less-restrained interaction, unlike the Imbizo Media Centre. We have DGs and DDGs, who are programme managers in the respective departments. Apologies from some DGs who are involved in the IBSA summit in Johannesburg.

We propose not to have a question and answer discussion but an interactive and view-sharing session. This will all be on the record and the DGs will indicate whatever can be attributable to a source.

The media briefings will be led by FOSAD co-chair, DG Tshediso Matona, and all attending DGs will have ten minutes to share their work with the journalists, followed by an open discussion and interaction for half an hour.. Soon we will be inviting you to yet another session.

Beyond this session we expect that the respective Heads of Communication will arrange individual interviews with media based on request.

Baby Tyawa: DCEO GCIS
Cell: 083 302 7657

Issued by: Government Communications (GCIS



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